6 Companies In Canada That Offer Unlimited Vacation & Have Jobs Available Right Now

When you’re looking for work, it’s not just the salary that can make you want to apply but also the employee benefits and job perks that are offered.Remote work, travel discounts, four-day workweeks and more perks are pretty well known now but unlimited vacation is probably something you didn’t know some employers have available.While you might not expect it, there are quite a lot of companies with unlimited vacation in Canada like HubSpot, Uberflip, and Alida.If you’re thinking to yourself, “how does unlimited vacation work,” Narcity chatted with Tanya Jarrett — chief people officer at Alida — earlier this year to find out about the company’s unlimited vacation policy.That includes how much time employees take off and what makes it such a success — in fact, there haven’t been “any significant drawbacks” since the introduction of unlimited vacation!”The success of this unlimited vacation really does rely on effective leadership to support and encourage employees to take that time off that they need and proactively plan for it,” Jarrett shared.”While there’s no sort of fixed amount, we really do encourage our employees to take around a minimum of four weeks per year,” the executive noted.But if employees need or even just want more time off throughout the year, they are still able to take vacation days beyond those four weeks.It just depends on advanced notice so that everyone is able to get time off when they want or need it.”We’ve worked with our managers and people leaders to really ensure that employees are proactively planning vacations,” Jarrett said. “That’s what matters most, mutual trust.”So, if all of this has piqued your interest, here are jobs at six companies with unlimited vacation in Canada that you can apply for right now.Plus, a few of these positions have hybrid work arrangements or are fully remote jobs so you can work from anywhere!

Member Services Analyst

Location: Toronto, hybridCompany: Alida Who Should Apply: You need to have customer service skills, experience in a self-directed work environment, proficiency with apps like MS Office and G-Suite, and computer and typing skills.Experience in a role with administrative or financial responsibilities, fluency in European languages (like French or German), and experience in tech support are assets.If you get hired as the Member Services Analyst, you will be responsible for tasks like scheduling and processing sweepstakes draws, and organizing sweepstakes winner and prize information.Providing communications to community members with technical support inquiries is also one of the job duties.Alida is a software company that designs customer, user, product and brand experience platforms to help businesses and companies provide a deeper understanding of their customers.Apply with Alida

Full Stack Developer

Location: Vancouver, remoteCompany: iComplyWho Should Apply: If you want to get hired, you need to have five years of experience developing web apps, knowledge of frameworks and API design, proficiency with scripts, and the ability to write applications and code.Full Stack Developers are responsible for building applications as iComply is a compliance software provider that helps companies reduce their AML spending, processing times, and data privacy risk.The company has an unlimited vacation policy for work-life balance.Apply with iComply

Manager, Sales

Location: TorontoCompany: HubSpotWho Should Apply: HubSpot is looking to hire someone with four years of experience leading and coaching sales teams in Canada, three years of software sales experience, experience managing a team selling to the Canadian tech market, and experience leading a consultative sales process.You’ll be tasked with leading and coaching a team of account executives who are responsible for the entire end-to-end consultative sales process of selling to customers.HubSpot has unlimited vacation and you get to decide when and for how long to take time off. There is also a “Vacation Quota Relief” to make sure it’s unlimited for all employees.This company is a leading customer relationship management platform that provides marketing, sales, service, and website management software and support to businesses.Apply with HubSpot

Technical Support Analyst

Salary: Canada, remoteCompany: UberflipWho Should Apply: You need at least one year of experience in a technical support role, experience in web development and programming, knowledge of APIs, and knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Data Layer concepts to get hired.Technical Support Analysts are responsible for working with and supporting customers to resolve technical issues and provide guidance on how best to make use of Uberflip products.Uberflip is a content experience platform that offers unlimited vacation days along with flexible working hours and remote work flexibility to employees.Apply with Uberflip

Sales Development Representative

Location: Canada, remoteCompany: VialWho Should Apply: You need two years work of experience, basic telesales skills, and knowledge of Vial’s services.Also, a bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required to get hired.Vial is a global tech-driven contract research organization providing clinical trial management services. As a Sales Development Representative, you will be responsible for generating demand for Vial’s services through social selling and outbound cold calling, and driving product expansion opportunities.Vial offers unlimited vacation to employees and it’s also a remote-first company.Apply with Vial

Business Development Representative

Location: VancouverCompany: TouchBistroWho Should Apply: You need at least one year of experience in sales and experience with cold calling to get hired.Having at least one year of experience in the restaurant industry is an asset but isn’t required to get the job.You’ll work to promote TouchBistro and generate relationships with restaurant owners and operators through phone calls, emails and texts. The company is an all-in-one point-of-sale and restaurant management system that offers unlimited vacation, a flexible health and wellness plan, and a flexible work-from-home policy to employees.Apply with TouchBistroIf you’re not interested in getting a job with unlimited vacation, there are so many incredible employee benefits offered by companies in Canada.That includes money for first-time homebuyers with Crozier, four “work from anywhere” weeks each year with Google, travel discounts with Air Canada, four-day workweeks with Blackbird Interactive, and a lot more.This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.


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