I’ve been working 9 to 5 while living in my car for 2 years – losing my last job was the shock I needed to ditch renting

A COUPLE has abandoned studio living for life on the road and they feel it’s the best decision they’ve made despite a rocky start.
After living the typical paycheck-to-paycheck life in a studio apartment, a married couple decided to sell all of their belongings and travel the US in a used RV.
5A married couple has shared how they travel the US in a used RV after being burned out by southern California livingCredit: Youtube/canwebarkhere
5Cameo and Ryan delved into the lifestyle by following other influencers, and bought a used RV from their friendsCredit: Youtube/canwebarkhere
Cameo, Ryan (@CanWeBarkHere), and their dog Kona Bear live out of a used 24-foot RV after feeling burned out by the busy southern California lifestyle.
Both Cameo and Ryan had full-time jobs and were climbing the corporate ladder but neither felt their hard work was adding up to something they were proud of, they said in a video.
Then Cameo lost her job, adding more pressure on Ryan to support the couple on one income.
This left him feeling as though his hard work was fruitless, further pushing them to consider life on four wheels.

“I was just really overworked and severely underpaid,” Ryan said.
The couple then spent a lot of their free time learning more about the lifestyle by watching Van Life influencers on YouTube.
Feeling comfortable and confident, they decided it was time for a drastic change.
“So, I decided to do something I’ve never done before and quit my job without any sort of backup or plan… This was the first time in my life I just had enough, and was feeling overworked.”

In an almost cosmic turn of events, some friends in their home state of Washington listed an RV they’d lived out of on Instagram, and the couple quickly made an offer.
“It really felt like it was meant to be,” Cameo said.
“We’d always wanted to get back to Washington, they’d been living in it full-time, so we felt really comfortable buying it.”
They said the Freelander Coachmen, the RV they named Marty, needed some work after they bought it.
The couple went through three renovations before it was ready to hit the road.
Winter in an RV was tough as pipes froze and heat was hard to come by, just like keeping cool in the summer.
Despite a rocky start trying to get a loan for the RV, renovating it, finding reliable places to stay, and keeping cozy in extreme temperatures, Cameo and Ryan wouldn’t trade it for the world.
The couple said they now work remote jobs all while sitting across from one another in the RV.
“We would have never been able to vacation like this living our old life,” Cameo said.

“Despite the challenges, we’re always going somewhere new and exploring new places.”
After traveling and experiencing parts of the US that they’ve always wanted to see, the couple is now planning to explore Canada, Alaska, and possibly Mexico.
5The RV they named Marty needed some work after they bought itCredit: Youtube/canwebarkhere
5After three rounds of renovations, a tough winter, and equally difficult summer, Cameo and Ryan still feel as though RV life was their callingCredit: Youtube/canwebarkhere
5The couple is now planning to explore Canada, Alaska, and possibly MexicoCredit: Youtube/canwebarkhere


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