Top Companies Hiring For Fully Remote Jobs In 2024

As the summer season approaches, many employees find themselves torn between the desire for a much-needed vacation and the constraints of rigid company policies. However, as Forbes highlights, there are still employers who recognise the value of work-life balance and are offering fully remote job opportunities with flexible benefits.The Remote Work Revolution
According to Forbes, while some executive teams are enforcing return-to-office and hybrid mandates, a handful of forward-thinking companies are bucking the trend by hiring for fully remote positions. These employers understand the positive impact that vacation time and flexible working policies can have on employee wellness and productivity.In light of a recent Zety survey revealing that 68% of professionals are cutting back on vacation spending due to financial constraints, Forbes highlights 20 remote-friendly employers that are providing incentives for their employees to step away from their desks. From wellness and travel reimbursements to vacation bonuses, these companies are encouraging their staff to prioritise their well-being.Top 20 Flexible Companies Hiring in 2024
Here’s the list of 20 companies, as per Forbes, that are currently hiring for fully remote or remote-friendly positions:1. BambooHR2. Calendly3. Chime Financial4. Disruptive Advertising5. Evolve Security6. Expedia7. FullContact8. Hopper9. Kasa Living10. Kindred Concepts11. LeadSimple12. MNTN13. Olark14. Philo, Inc.15. Qualtrics16. Thirty Madison17. TourRadar18. TripAdvisor19. United Airlines20. Verb InteractiveDon’t Miss:5 High-Paying Side Jobs You Can Start TodayForbes notes an interesting observation: a significant portion of the flexible companies on the list operate within the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries. These employers often offer perks such as discounts on their own resorts and hotels, as well as travel stipends, making them an attractive option for those seeking a work-life balance.To find a fully remote job with flexible perks, Forbes suggests exploring Glassdoor reviews, networking with current employees on LinkedIn, and thoroughly examining a company’s career page for information on employee benefits and achievements.Ultimately, as Forbes emphasises, setting clear expectations from the outset is crucial. During the negotiation stage of the job application process, candidly discuss your flexibility requirements, such as vacation plans and personal needs, to ensure a smooth transition into your new is Jagran New Media’s gender and lifestyle vertical, catering to women of all age groups, helping them remain updated, on-trend and aware. To improve our performance and understand our readers’ interests better, we have created this poll. This will take 2 minutes of your time, do help us out with this link.Don’t Miss:5 Jobs For Women After A Career Break For Professional ResurrectionFor more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagiImage Courtesy: FreePik

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