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During our research, we found out that Pin Up Casino Partners is a dynamic affiliate program that provides profit-making opportunities to individuals interested in online promoting marketing and gaming. With its robust structure and extensive support, it stands as a beacon for those marketers seeking to monetize their web traffic and earning money effectively from bringing a casino and betting player to the platform. In this article, we will discuss the intricacies of the Pin-Up Affiliate Program, exploring its features, benefits, and potential for profit.

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What Is a Pin-Up Affiliate Program?

PIN-UP Partners stands out as an affiliate program offering a profit-making avenue for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and webmasters to capitalize on their traffic. With its exclusive PIN-UP brand, which spans various products and licenses, it welcomes traffic from different regions, including South and North America, CIS countries, India, and Bangladesh.
Renowned among affiliates, PIN-UP Partners has garnered accolades such as the KINZA 21’, KINZA 23’, Partnerkin 2023, and SiGMA Awards 2022, notably recognized as the “Best Affiliate Program in the Gambling and/or Betting Verticals.” In addition, it received the “Marketing Campaign of the Year” by SiGMA Balkans and the esteemed “Webmaster’s Choice” from Gambling Pro. Since its inception in 2016, PIN-UP Partners has actively expanded its footprint across CIS, Asia, and South America, serving as a direct advertiser for PIN-UP Casino and PIN-UP Bet.
In the ever-evolving digital realm, the landscape of affiliate marketing undergoes constant transformation. Within this dynamic environment, the Pin-Up affiliate program emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering unparalleled value to its partners. More than just a platform, this program embodies a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to foster mutual growth and success among affiliates.
At its core, the Pin-Up affiliate program transcends conventional paradigms. It goes beyond mere product promotion, emphasizing the establishment of symbiotic relationships. Pin-Up has seamlessly integrated technology, transparency, and trust to create a program that distinguishes itself in today’s competitive market.
Who Can Become a Pin-Up Partner?
PinUp Casino warmly invites a diverse range of affiliates, including bloggers, website owners, social media influencers, and marketing enthusiasts, to participate in its affiliate program. Getting started with us is straightforward, with the primary requirement being a platform through which you can promote PinUp and attract new players. The entry criteria are simple, ensuring that having a large follower base or extensive industry expertise is not necessary.
Once you join the program, affiliates can enjoy several benefits, including:

Competitive commissions and attractive payment structures.
Opportunities for passive income by referring players to PinUp.
Reliable and timely payment methods, alleviating any concerns about receiving payouts.
Access to a variety of promotional materials and a dedicated account manager for support.
Detailed player analytics to assist in refining marketing strategies.

Seize the opportunity to become a Pin Up affiliate and earn substantial commissions with one of the leading online casinos in the industry. To sign up, simply visit the Pin Up partner website and follow the instructions for Pin Up affiliate registration.

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Benefits of Joining the Pin Up Affiliate Program
The PinUp Affiliate Program acts as a reliable online casino platform, providing avenues to monetize online traffic.


Platform with Official Accreditation
Pin Up possesses an active license and guarantees a secure gambling environment.

Great Gifts
Affiliates can earn commissions through various models including CPA, revenue sharing, and hybrid commission structures.

Wide Selection of Games
Affiliates have the flexibility to offer a diverse selection of games, spanning slots, live casinos, and sports betting, to meet the needs of a wide range of players.

Esteemed brand affiliation
Collaborating with PinUp Casino enhances the legitimacy of affiliate marketing efforts.

Hence, the PinUp Affiliate Program offers a trustworthy and secure platform for affiliates to leverage their online traffic, providing numerous benefits and positioning Pin Up as a top choice for affiliate marketers in the online casino industry.
How Does the Pin-Up Affiliate Program Operate?

The PinUp Casino Affiliate Program provides various revenue models for affiliates operating in the online gambling industry. This overview outlines the key features and advantages offered by the program.
Registration Process & Account Management for Affiliates
To become a Pin Up partner, individuals must finalize the registration process on the PinUp Partners website to receive assistance from the dedicated team. Upon registration, affiliates obtain entry to a personalized dashboard where they can monitor performance metrics, player statistics, and oversee their accounts.
Registration involves filling out a straightforward form, providing details such as:

Full name
Email address
Phone number
Preferred messenger and login credentials

Following completion of the registration form, affiliates can then log in to their personal accounts.

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Acceptance of Traffic Sources
The Pin Up Affiliate Program embraces various traffic sources, excluding fraudulent and incentivized traffic, offering partners numerous digital channels for potential outreach and success.
Approved Traffic Channels at Pin Up:

Universal App Campaigns (UAC)
App Store Optimization (ASO)
Email Campaigns
Facebook (FB)
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
Collaborations with Influencers
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As it’s apparent, the Pin Up Affiliate Program offers a wide array of endorsed traffic channels, giving partners plenty of opportunities to expand their reach and achieve success, all while maintaining integrity by excluding fraudulent and incentivized traffic.
Revenue Share & CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) & CPL (Cost Per Lead)
Members of the program have the flexibility to select among Revenue Share, CPA, and Hybrid commission models. Under the Revenue Share model, affiliates receive a portion of the revenue generated from referrals, while the CPA model offers a set commission for each eligible player registration. Meanwhile, the Hybrid model combines aspects of both commission structures.
Commission Structure for Pin-Up Partners
PinUp is widely recognized for its timely commission payments and offers a variety of withdrawal options:

Wire Transfer

In the following table, we have delineated the different commission models provided by Paripesa, specifying the description, commission range, and framework for each model.

Range of commission

CPA Model
The expense associated with acquiring each player referred.
Compensation ranging from $25 to $50 per individual player.

Revenue Share
The portion of total revenue earned from the players you refer.
Up to 50%.

A combination of both Cost Per Acquisition and Revenue Sharing.

Additionally, affiliates are provided with comprehensive player statistics to enhance their valuable promotional strategies.
International Player Base Within the Pin Up Affiliate Program
The Pin Up Affiliate Program boasts an expansive global presence, with a significant portion of its achievements credited to the widespread appeal of its brand on a global scale. This international acknowledgment not only enhances the program’s attractiveness but also allows affiliates to effortlessly access diverse and profitable markets.
The program has pinpointed specific countries exhibiting notably high conversion rates and remarkable engagement levels. These countries comprise:

🇧🇷 Brazil
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan
🇨🇱 Chile
🇮🇳 India
🇲🇽 Mexico
🇹🇷 Turkey
🇵🇪 Peru
🇿🇦 South Africa
🇺🇿 Uzbekistan
🇺🇦 Ukraine

The Pin Up Affiliate Program’s worldwide acclaim and strategic identification of countries with high conversion rates underscore its dedication to offering affiliates unmatched opportunities for success in varied and flourishing markets.
Specialized Affiliate Support
The program offers strong support to its affiliates, assigning a dedicated account manager to assist with inquiries, offer insights, and aid in campaign development. Contact details for the program consist of:

The Pin Up Affiliate Program emerges as a transparent, lucrative, and encouraging option for individuals seeking earnings within the online gambling sector.
Engaged Players

The Pin Up Affiliate Program provides an extensive system for tracking and evaluating player activity. Affiliates can access thorough statistics concerning the performance of their referrals, such as active player numbers, betting behaviors, and revenue generation, all available through their accounts on the PinUp Partners portal.
For partners of Pin Up, this information:

Offers essential insights to assess marketing effectiveness.
Provides clarity in recognizing successful strategies and areas needing adjustment.
Aids in fine-tuning promotional tactics for the best possible results.

The program emphasizes player retention through the provision of a broad selection of top-notch games. This allows affiliates to cater to diverse player demographics, thereby boosting the potential for conversions and earnings.
Pin Up partners adopt a data-driven approach, utilizing insights into player preferences to tailor promotional strategies. This focused strategy helps attract and retain new players, fostering prosperous affiliate endeavors.

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Conversion Metrics
The PinUp Affiliate Program boasts impressive conversion rates, with affiliate earnings closely tied to the caliber of traffic directed to the PinUp platform. Enhanced traffic quality increases the likelihood of turning visitors into active players, thereby enhancing commission payouts. Operating on a CPA model, the program rewards affiliates based on the number of referred players who deposit and meet specified criteria. Typically, affiliates with high-quality traffic opt for either the CPA or Revenue Share model.
Affiliates consistently attracting high-quality traffic have the potential to earn substantial profits through the Pin Up Affiliate Program. They gain access to diverse promotional materials, including banners, landing pages, and exclusive referral links. The Pin Up partners’ login platform offers comprehensive statistics and player insights, empowering affiliates to monitor performance and refine promotional strategies for improved conversions.
Promotional Resources
The Pin–Up Casino Affiliate Program provides affiliates with a versatile range of promotional tools, including direct and themed web links, banners, videos, and products. These resources can be customized by language and traffic type, enabling precise marketing strategies.
Via the Pin Up partner platform, affiliates acquire access to promotional materials like game-specific links and banners, streamlining casino promotion and enriching player involvement.
Pin Up affiliates receive a comprehensive collection of promotional resources designed to allure and retain players, ultimately optimizing their commission earnings.
At the core of these promotional assets lies the wide array of games presented by Pin-Up Affiliate, serving as a pivotal draw for prospective players. Noteworthy Gaming
Providers include:

Tom Horn
Play’n GO
Red Tiger

The Pin-Up Casino Affiliate Program distinguishes itself by offering a varied selection of promotional resources, customized to meet the marketing requirements of affiliates.
Pin-Up Payment Models

PinUp sets a minimum withdrawal requirement of $10 and 10FD for affiliate payments, with the possibility of configuring a wallet to enable automated payouts.
Several payment methods are accessible, comprising:

Bank cards (Visa, MasterCard)
Bank transfers
Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, USDT, ETH)
E-wallets (Skrill, Neteller)
Local payment systems. (UPI, BHIM)

Fundamentally, the Pin-Up Affiliate Program furnishes affiliates with a lucrative earning platform via its varied payment models and frameworks, including the revenue share scheme and CPA model. With defined withdrawal criteria and a selection of payment methods, the affiliate’s revenue trajectory is effectively supported and enriched.

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Player Metrics
Through the Pin Up Affiliate Program, affiliates have the capability to oversee player statistics and access comprehensive player information via their accounts on the PinUp affiliate platform.

Account Accessibility: Within their partner accounts, affiliates can access statistics such as the count of registered and active players, offering insights into their marketing effectiveness and ongoing player engagement.
Significance of Tracking: Monitoring player statistics is essential for assessing and enhancing affiliate marketing tactics. Metrics like registered and active players empower affiliates to make informed decisions and increase profitability.
In-Depth Insights: Affiliates utilizing the Pin Up affiliate app and accessing their accounts can acquire detailed player statistics, facilitating the evaluation of performance and optimization of marketing strategies.

The Pin Up Affiliate Program equips affiliates with valuable tools and insights to track player statistics, empowering them to make informed decisions and refine their marketing strategies for improved profitability and success.
Pin Up Affiliate Login in 2024
To set up your Personal Cabinet in the Pin Up partners program, follow these steps:

Accessing the Personal Cabinet: After your account is approved, log in to the Pin Up Affiliate Program portal using your assigned username and password to reach your Personal Cabinet.
Navigating the Interface: The Personal Cabinet features an intuitive design interface with various tabs and dropdown menus, facilitating effortless navigation for affiliates.
Customizing Settings: Affiliates can adjust settings within the Cabinet, including profile modifications, selection of payment methods, preference settings for notifications, and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance security measures.

Utilizing the Personal Cabinet in the Pin Up Affiliate Scheme equips affiliates with essential tools and features for optimizing earnings and monitoring performance. Tailoring the Cabinet to individual preferences is crucial for fostering successful affiliate engagements.
Brand Promotion & Traffic Flow
Increasing the visibility of the PinUp brand and directing traffic can be achieved through a range of tactics and platforms.

Social Media: Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is crucial for developing and sharing engaging content to broaden one’s audience reach.
Contextual Advertising: Utilizing platforms like Google AdWords enables targeted advertising to users interested in online gambling, thereby expanding exposure for PinUp Casino.
Google UAC: Google’s Universal App Campaigns simplify the promotion of the Pin Up app, extending its reach across Google’s extensive ecosystem.
Bulk SMS: Engage directly with various players through personalized SMS campaigns, guiding them to explore the offerings of PinUp.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improving online visibility through strategic keyword optimization, high-quality content creation, and the establishment of strong backlinks attracts organic traffic to the website.

By implementing a range of effective strategies, the promotion of the PinUp brand can be effectively executed, leading to increased traffic and diverse commission opportunities.

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Monitoring Progress & Results

Within the Pin Up Affiliate Program, affiliates are equipped with a comprehensive statistics tracker, simplifying the assessment of performance metrics. When logging in to your Pin Up affiliate dashboard using your credentials:

Logging Statistics: Navigate to the statistics tracker section to gain a comprehensive overview of crucial metrics and insights.
Player Analysis: Analyze player behavior and engagement patterns, allowing for adjustments to promotional strategies as necessary.
Conversion Analysis: Evaluate conversion rates to understand the percentage of different players transitioning into active PinUp users through your affiliate channel.

Regular utilization of the statistics tracker within the affiliate program is vital for ongoing evaluation, optimization, and strategic refinement. Affiliates should consistently leverage the platform to access valuable analytical insights.
Pin Up Affiliate App Features
The Pin Up affiliate app assists partners in tracking outcomes and assessing progress through its intuitive interface and comprehensive analytics features.

Customized Payment Models: Existing Partners have the flexibility to select from payment models such as CPA, revenue share, or a hybrid method approach that integrates both; here, it is very important to follow related terms and conditions.
Accessible Support: Acting as a connecting conduit between affiliates and the Pin Up affiliate mail support team, the app service streamlines communication channels for enhanced support accessibility via feedback, where you can give questions to managers about vast bonus numbers and your balance in various languages.
Efficient Referral Tracking: The application supports the inclusion of distinct referral codes within its apk file, guaranteeing precise tracking of referrals and equitable commission attribution for affiliates.

To further personalize the Pin Up affiliate app, affiliates are urged to interact with the support team. This cooperative method fosters a bespoke experience, maximizing the application’s usefulness.
Strategies for Increasing Profits

Employing a diverse range of promotional materials, such as banners and landing pages, is crucial for affiliates to make a captivating first impression. This strategy not only boosts player conversions but also greatly augments the Pin Up affiliate commission.

Personal referral registration links are essential tools for affiliates in guiding high-quality traffic to the Pin Up platform, establishing their significance as valuable partners.
Access to comprehensive player statistics empowers individual affiliates to recognize trends and fine-tune marketing strategies tailored to player preferences.
Choosing the suitable payment model, be it CPA, revenue share, or hybrid, is vital for affiliates to proficiently promote the Pin Up brand and align with their audience and objectives.

The primary goal is to draw in high-quality traffic and advocate for the PinUp brand, nurturing a strong player community. Joining the PinUp Affiliate Scheme marks a fundamental step toward increased profitability and success.

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Potential Income From the Pin-Up Affiliate Program
Exploring the earning potential within the Pin-Up Affiliate Scheme reveals a pathway to lucrative opportunities in the online gambling industry. With various revenue streams and strategic approaches, affiliates can leverage the program’s earning potential to the maximum. By delving into commission structures, promotional strategies, and player engagement tactics, this exploration guides affiliates in maximizing their earnings and succeeding in this dynamic landscape.
What is the Potential Income from a Single CPA Lead within PIN-UP Partners?
CPA remains a favored option among media buyers, webmasters, and affiliates collaborating with PIN-UP Partners. Affiliates interested in the CPA offer can secure it through an agreement with a personal manager. Payouts vary between $20 to $150 per deposit, contingent on the traffic source and region. Here are the average CPA rates offered by PIN-UP Partners:

Ukraine: $40-65
Kazakhstan: $25-50
Azerbaijan: $35-70
Brazil: $20-30
India: $20-60
Turkey: $40-70
Peru: $35
Chile: $30
Mexico: $30
Canada: $80-150
Uzbekistan: $20-30
Bangladesh: $12-20

It’s important to note that these profitable figures represent rate ranges, with the specific rate to be finalized with the sales department specialist during the initial (test) campaign. Following this test phase, traffic will undergo evaluation against KPIs, and payments will be processed, typically within approximately from a day to 2 weeks after reaching the nature cap limit.
Upon completion of the initial test and assessment of designed traffic chance ROI, PIN-UP Partners will determine an individual rate for affiliates to be paid in subsequent campaigns.
What is the Potential Income from a Solitary RevShare Lead within PIN-UP Partners?
PIN-UP Partners boasts the most competitive revenue share scheme in the market, which is characterized by transparent calculations free from hidden fees or fluctuating variables. The RevShare rate has remained consistent since the inception of the program, ensuring affiliates receive their rightful earnings. Affiliates can easily track and calculate their earnings using the detailed tools provided in the affiliate statistics.
RevShare payouts have been consistently distributed since the launch of the affiliate scheme, with some affiliates still choosing and receiving financial commissions from players they referred years ago, thanks to the program’s ‘lifetime’ registration feature. The calculation of RevShare income follows a straightforward convert formula, ensuring bland clarity:
Earnings by RS = (SUMbet−SUMwin)×Y−(SUMdep×K))×RSRate

SUMbet represents total bets
SUMwin represents total wins
SUMdep represents total deposits
Y denotes the game provider’s commission (10%)
K represents the payment provider’s commission (15% for UA, 10% for other countries)
RSRate stands for the Revenue Share rate (40%)

For instance, if a player from Brazil made deposits totalling $2,000, placed bets amounting to $4,000, and recorded total wins of $1,000, the affiliate’s earnings would be calculated as follows:
Revenue Share = ((4000−1000)×0.90−(2000×0.10))×0.40
This current transparent calculation demonstrates how the affiliate makes a reward amounting to $1,000 USD, devoid of hidden fees. For any inquiries, a PIN-UP manager is readily available to provide assistance.
Operating under a well-established framework, PIN-UP Partners has consistently met the satisfaction of thousands of webmasters in a short period. Its calculation formula ensures depth, transparency, and reliability, further solidifying its reputation in the affiliate marketing landscape.
What is the Earning Potential of a Single Lead in the Hybrid Model?
Acknowledging the different needs of affiliates, Pin-Up provides hybrid commission models that focuses on combining elements of CPA, CPL, and appealing Revenue Share, tailored to individual preferences and requirements.
Player Lifetime Value (LTV) at Pin Up
The Pin Up platform exhibits an impressive Player Lifetime Value (LTV), with players consistently making deposits for extended periods exceeding a year. This enduring engagement can be credited to the adoption of successful marketing strategies and the utilization of analytical tools that cater to the preferences of gamblers and bettors.
The start of Pin Up’s affiliate scheme becomes prioritizes player retention across different geo graphical regions updates through targeted initiatives, including:

Email campaigns
SMS notifications
Tailored promotional events

Furthermore, all promotional endeavours are tailored to specific geos locations, ensuring they align with the distinct gaming behaviours of users rather than adopting a generic approach.
Pin Up actively engages users on convenient and basic social media platforms through themed content, contests, and promotions aimed at enhancing engagement and fostering loyalty. The platform extends VIP services to high rollers, providing exclusive slots, personalized bonuses, and round-the-clock account management support.
Frequent Errors and Methods for Prevention

At Pin Up Partners, affiliates may encounter common errors like improper tracking of referrals or overlooking compliance requirements. To prevent these issues, affiliates should ensure accurate implementation of referral links, stay informed about regulatory changes, and address technical glitches promptly by communicating with the support team. By staying vigilant and proactive, affiliates can optimize their performance and maximize earnings.

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In summary, Pin-Up Partners stands out as a leading affiliate Scheme in the online gambling industry, offering a wealth of opportunities for affiliates to monetize their virtual traffic effectively. With its transparent commission structures, diverse promotional resources, and commitment to player retention, Pin-Up Partners provides a supportive ecosystem for affiliates to thrive. By leveraging the program’s extensive features and implementing strategic approaches, affiliates can unlock their full earning potential and establish long-term success in partnership with Pin-Up Partners.
Do they accept revenue generated by players from both the casino and bookmaker?
Certainly, the PinUp Scheme seamlessly merges promotional revenue streams from both its casino and bookmaker segments. This unified approach allows affiliates to tap into a broad range of player interactions, thereby broadening their potential for generating revenue.
How does the program support and enable its affiliates?
By providing data-driven insights that empower affiliates to find and customize their modern promotional approaches, thereby attracting and retaining a fresh influx of players.
What advantages does the APK provided by the Pin Up affiliate offer?
The APK offered by Pin Up affiliates provides customized referral link check, enhancing promotional efforts for affiliates.
How does tracking technology work in Pin Up?
Pin-Up, a leading licensed platform, utilizes advanced tracking technology that seamlessly combines cookies and diverse referral links. This blend ensures accurate and immediate tracking of conversions and affiliate performance, guaranteeing rewards for affiliates.
Are there any registration fees associated with Pin-Up?
There is no cost niche associated with joining the Pin-Up attractive affiliate Scheme in a very short time. Our main aim is to choose and establish a mutually beneficial and expensive partnership.

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