How To Earn $100 a Week in Passive Income

Monster Ztudio / Shutterstock.comSometimes, a little money goes a long way. Passive income streams are a delightful method for making money without having to do much. They’re almost the equivalent of a “set it and forget it” strategy when it comes to making dollars. Not all income from passive sources is big bucks, nor should it be. In fact, there are lots of ways to make just an extra $100 a week in passive income.That additional money in your account can help pay for groceries and fill up your car, or it can be set aside in a savings account. After all, $100 each week adds up to $5,200 a year.Read Next: Tony Robbins: 10 Passive Income Ideas To Build Your FortuneCheck Out: 5 Unusual Ways To Make Extra Money (That Actually Work)GOBankingRates spoke with some financial experts on how to earn $100 a week in passive income. Here is what they recommended.Dividend StocksThe stock market has always been the go-to place for passive income, but there is a certain kind of stock you really want to invest in to make this model of earning work for you: dividend stocks.“Investing in dividend-paying stocks can provide steady income,” said Rhett Stubbendeck, CPCU, CEO and founder of Leverage Planning. “Companies like AT&T and Coca-Cola offer good dividends. I’ve invested in these and earn consistent payouts. It’s an easy way to grow wealth slowly.”“These stocks distribute a portion of their earnings back to shareholders, often quarterly,” explained Benjamin Klesinger, CEO and co-founder of Reliant Insurance Group. “Companies in stable industries — like utilities or consumer goods — tend to offer reliable dividends. For instance, an investment portfolio well-selected for dividend yield can easily achieve the $100 per week mark with the right mix of high-yield stocks.”Learn More: How To Generate Passive Income With Just $1,000High-Yield Savings AccountsYou could also consider stashing some money away in a high-yield savings account to earn passive income.“Put your money in high-yield savings accounts or CDs to earn more interest than traditional accounts,” Stubbendeck said. “I believe in maximizing every dollar with better returns for minimal effort.”Peer-to-Peer Lending“Platforms like LendingClub let you lend money to individuals or businesses and earn interest,” Stubbendeck explained. “I’ve used this to diversify my income streams. It’s a simple way to earn passive income with a small investment.”“If you have the money, lending it through this business model can bring in more than $100 weekly,” said Boryana Stefanova, who runs the personal finance site Cash Embrace.Story continuesRental Income“Fixing a property with the idea of renting it out is one of the easiest ways to create a passive income stream,” Stefanova said. “It will allow you to benefit from a business model that always works — flipping a property without selling it.”Renting out a room on Airbnb can generate extra cash too, according to Stubbendeck. “A client of mine makes an extra $100 a week this way,” he said. “It’s a practical use of unused space.”Online CoursesCreating online courses can also offer a passive income stream. “If you have expertise, create an online course. I made a finance course and [earned] passive income as students [enrolled],” Stubbendeck said.“Sharing knowledge and earning money is rewarding,” Stubbendeck added.Affiliate MarketingCreating a niche blog, YouTube channel or social media presence is a great way to make $100 or even more if you do it right, according to Karl Tippins, editor-in-chief of Pension Times.“To advertise goods that are relevant to your content, use affiliate links,” Tippins explained. “Your weekly income may exceed $100 from this, although it will depend on factors like product, traffic and conversion rates.“Commissions in the realm of affiliate marketing often vary from a few percent to more than 50%,” Tippins said. “All you have to do is work hard until your product gains recognition or credibility.”Invest In REITsREITs, otherwise known as real estate investment trusts, pay out dividends from income made on rentals.“I invested in REITs and get regular payouts,” Stubbendeck said. “It’s a hassle-free way to earn passive income.”Invest In AnnuitiesAn annuity is an insurance contract that can be issued, as well as distributed, by a financial institution and bought by someone else. It’s a great way to make passive income because the issuing party must pay out a rate — fixed or otherwise — to the buyer.“Fixed annuities, for example, offer guaranteed returns based on interest rates, while variable annuities can provide higher returns depending on market performance,” Klesinger explained. “Personally, I’ve seen clients generate steady income from annuities, especially when opting for immediate lifetime payouts.”More From GOBankingRatesThis article originally appeared on How To Earn $100 a Week in Passive Income

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