Fully Remote Jobs at Google You Can Apply for in May 2024

Plus, remote work helps everyone, since it adds the flexibility that parents or caretakers need in their lives, while opening up a path for those with chronic illness or disability to earn a living.Granted, there are downsides: In one survey of two hundred C-Suite executives, 41% admitted to bias against remote workers when considering who would be promoted.Which Companies Offer the Most Remote Jobs?CEOs might not love the idea, but remote jobs are never going away. They just make too much sense in today’s interconnected world, where countless white collar positions can be done from anywhere in the world, saving workers and managers money in the process.In 2024, a huge percentage of the top tech companies offer at least some remote or hybrid positions, and those that don’t are missing out on top talent. Microsoft is the most remote friendly of all the big names, with well over a thousand open remote positions available this month alone, and a track record of supporting remote work that extends even earlier than the Covid-19 pandemic.Apple is another big tech company to consider, although the fully remote positions are few and far between. Like any major corporation, it has a lot of internal positions that you might be able move back and forth within in order to build your resume (and hopefully your salary, dry promotions notwithstanding).In the end, any company that offers flexible work options may be worth sending a resume to. The job market is still tough for workers, but the pendulum will eventually swing back again.


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