SEO Meetup to Host a 2024 SEO Conference for Digital Marketing Professionals

Discover effective SEO strategies from a myriad of top experts in the industryNew York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – April 9, 2024) – Ross Kernez, founder of SEO Meetup, has officially announced an SEO Conference on April 18th and 19th of 2024. The two day event in NYC,NY, home to SEO Meetup, will feature over 16 speakers that will share their knowledge in the marketing industry and how to implement change for growth in any digital marketing business. The event will be centered around exploring the many strategies, pitfalls, and up and coming developments in the world of SEO marketing. SEO Meetup is a community of like minded marketing professionals on the path forward to advance their SEO marketing skills in order to optimize their success in the world of digital marketing. With over 3,000 members, SEO Meetup is one of the largest SEO & marketing communities in the USA where members continue to learn the ins and outs of all things online marketing & SEO. The conference is open to anyone regardless of membership status that wants to learn more about SEO marketing and how to properly and effectively use digital marketing strategies.Photo courtesy: SEO MEETUPLearn the latest in SEO marketing from the industry’s leading expertsTo view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit: marketing has become the number one way to reach consumers through effective marketing methods. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a necessary skill in order to grow an effective digital marketing plan or business. Ecommerce SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Digital PR, PPC, Affiliate marketing and many more techniques are invaluable to professionals building their growth in the industry. The SEO Meetup Conference in April of 2024 will focus on covering the many facets of the digital marketing industry and how to expertly implement the many SEO strategies and skill sets that are crucial to thriving as a digital marketer. Going beyond the generic, Kernez hopes the conference will equip and inspire a new generation of digital marketers with marketing know-how that is modern, proven, and ultimately leads to success in the industry. “The SEO Meetup SEO Conference is an event created for digital marketing professionals that want to go beyond the norm,” Kernez states. In order to provide this foundation for marketing professionals attending the two day conference, Kernez is hosting several speakers ranging from international SEO experts and consultants, Company Founders, Growth and product advisors, along with many more digital marketing gurus. Attendees will be provided the opportunity to attend sessions in which they can learn more about the nuances of SEO digital marketing and find new tactics to help them succeed. Highlights of the April 2024 SEO Conference:Expert speakers sharing priceless SEO and marketing adviceSessions packed with information with no overwhelmTeaching sessions will feature a range of marketing topics from SEO, Algorithms, Email marketing, and moreNews on the latest SEO and marketing trendsOpportunities to find partners and mentors in the industryOpportunities to collaborate with other marketing professionalsNetworking and building connections Q&A sessions with the expertsVariety of snacks and food availableEnjoy the NYC backdropFounder of SEO Meetup, Ross Kernez is an SEO expert, speaker, author, community-builder, mentor and digital marketing strategist. SEO Meetup was created by Kernez in an effort to build a network of professionals that want to learn more about online marketing and help each other in the digital marketing field. Discovering new SEO skills and techniques while travelling the world and meeting like-minded individuals drives Ross’s passion. SEO Meetup paves the way for digital marketers, business owners, and first time startups to market their products and create a profitable brand through the use of SEO. The community format of SEO Meetup is what has driven SEO Meetup to be a success through monthly meetups and continual networking opportunities. Members are able to build skills in SEO and find ways to foster modernized approaches to digital marketing for optimal growth. Building community while learning the necessary SEO skills to thrive in an ever developing digital marketing industry is the heart of SEO Meetup and the SEO Meetup Conference of 2024. Attendees have choices of a few tickets that all come with the priceless experience of hearing renowned SEO leaders divulge the latest and best SEO practices. The NYC backdrop only enhances this special and informative occasion by providing networking opportunities in the refined local spots of NYC. Kernez is confident that attendees will leave with the necessary skills to revamp their digital marketing and SEO techniques to pave the way for profitability. Contact Information:Person Name: Ross Kernez515 Madison AvNew York NY [email protected] view the source version of this press release, please visit

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