10 Top Part-Time Remote Jobs and How to Land One

10 Top Part-Time Remote Jobs and How to Land One

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.Are you looking for a way to supplement your income? Do you want to return to the workforce after a career break or get experience in a new career field?
Are you hoping to avoid a full-time job right now and enjoy the freedom of working from home? If so, a part-time remote job could be the ideal solution.
Finding a remote, part-time job that matches your personal and career goals is easier than ever before. We’ve gathered a list of the most common part-time remote jobs, along with some tips on how to land the perfect one for you.
When figuring out how to find part-time jobs that can be performed remotely, one of the first steps is knowing where to look. Consider the following job categories offering the most part-time work-from-home jobs in the past year.
1. Accountant Jobs
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As a part-time accountant, you’ll work on financial records, offer extra support during the busy tax season, and ensure that ledgers are balanced year-round. Accounting generally requires a degree, although regulations vary by state.
Explore more part-time remote jobs hiring now!
2. Bookkeeper Jobs
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Bookkeeping jobs are an excellent way to launch a career in finance.
With a lower barrier to entry, you’ll work on data entry for organizations and track expenses and revenue, and you’ll likely find that part-time roles are abundant.
3. Copywriter Jobs
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Put your writing and persuasion skills to work as a copywriter.
Depending on your interests and skill set, you can find roles where you draft marketing materials, write blog posts, or craft website copy while working part-time hours.

4. Customer Service Representative Jobs
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Support customers over the phone, via email, or chat as a part-time customer service representative.
Help consumers find the ideal solution to their problems or resolve an issue with an existing product or billing discrepancy from the comfort of your home office.
5. Graphic Designer Jobs
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Do you have a creative eye and enjoy telling a story with visual elements?
You can work in a part-time job in graphic design, and thanks to the solitary nature of design work, you’ll likely find that many roles offer a flexible schedule as well.
6. Media Search Analyst Jobs
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Work part-time in advertising to evaluate ads as a media search analyst. Ensure the message matches the product or service and the ad fits the target audience.
This is an excellent fit if you enjoy mining reports for actionable data.
7. Mental Health Therapist Jobs
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Put your education to work in a high-paying part-time job in the mental health field. With a background in psychology or counseling, you can work part-time as a mental health therapist.
Meet with clients online through virtual meetings.
8. Relocation Consultant Jobs
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Support employees and newly hired team members as a relocation consultant.
Provide school, housing, and community tips and advice to ensure a smooth moving process, allowing the employees to start their new roles with less stress.
9. Social Media Manager Jobs
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Manage social media accounts for businesses, brands, or individuals part-time. Create engaging content, interact with followers, and analyze data to improve the overall online presence of your clients.
10. Virtual Assistant Jobs
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Perform a variety of administrative tasks for clients remotely as a virtual assistant. Tasks may include scheduling appointments, managing emails, conducting research, and creating presentations.
Familiarity with technology and strong organizational skills are essential for these online part-time jobs.
How to Find Part-Time Remote Jobs: 10 Steps
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Looking for part-time jobs requires a few adjustments to your job search strategy.
1. Understand the Job Market
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One of the first steps in a successful part-time job search is understanding the current job market. This will help you understand the industries and companies hiring and ensure you emphasize the most in-demand skills on your resume.
To streamline your research, look through current postings in your target field and consider patterns.
Is there a software or new workflow process that is mentioned repeatedly? What about variations on the job titles or soft skills? Keep track of these trends to help you tailor your job search and application materials.
2. Organize Search Keywords
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Identifying keywords used in remote job postings can also streamline your search. Familiarize yourself with remote job search terms, and use keyword searches to find the most relevant postings for your specific goals, such as:

Independent contractor
Work from home

Don’t forget to analyze the “where” as well. If you’re seeking hybrid jobs or local jobs, you’ll implement location searches too, as well as search terms like “part-time jobs hiring near me” or “jobs near me part-time.”

3. Utilize Reliable Job Search Platforms
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Once you’ve identified the keywords that best describe your ideal role, it’s time to leverage job search sites for a more productive job search. There are many online job boards, but not all specialize in remote and flexible jobs.
Focus on remote-specific job boards with a vetting process to ensure you aren’t inundated with scams and identity thieves.
Start with the jobs database here at FlexJobs, which can help you filter through thousands of job postings by location, industry, and full-time vs. part-time hours.
4. Network and Attend Events
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Put out some job-seeking feelers and talk to your network to find out if their companies are hiring or if they know of someone who is. From former coworkers to bosses and even mentors, you can use your professional networking connections to reach out to anyone who can help you in your job search.
Try your hand at professional networking sites, including your college alumni network. This way, you’ll create a larger audience to connect with, which can potentially connect you with a job interview.
5. Build a Strong Brand and Online Presence
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If you’re still struggling with how to find a part-time job, it’s time to think outside of the traditional channels. Using social media for your job search can help you connect with hiring managers and boost your brand.
Before you launch your job search, do a quick review of your social media to ensure it enhances your job search, rather than sabotages it.
Recruiters are likely to look through your social media profiles, including LinkedIn, and you want to ensure that what they see matches the professional story your resume tells.
Once you’ve reviewed your online branding, you can post about your job search status on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow the company’s social media pages, where posts about jobs that fit your skills and goals often appear.
6. Research Companies
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Standing out in a crowded job market often comes down to the amount of research you do before pushing submit. Researching a company is vital when looking for a part-time job.
Take note of what makes the company unique. What are its core values? Its mission statement? How does the company differ from other companies in the same industry?
Use this information to tailor your resume and cover letter to the company’s needs and goals. Show that you’ve put in effort and demonstrate your understanding of the company and how you can contribute to its success.
7. Consider a Career Coach or Recruiter
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Consider working with a career coach or a recruiter to help with your job search.
These professionals can provide valuable insights and guidance on the job market, assist with resume-building and interview preparation, and help connect you with potential employers.
Additionally, job search professionals can often tap into what’s known as the hidden job market. These job opportunities are private, rather than posted on public job boards.
Working with career coaches and recruiters can give you an advantage in finding the right job with less competition.
8. Revamp Your Resume
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Before you push submit, ensure your resume is up to date and communicates the value you bring.
Update your resume to the specific job and company you’re applying for.
Look for keywords, software, and any soft skills the hiring manager has listed in the job description. Then, highlight the matching relevant skills and experiences that make you the perfect candidate.
If you struggle with resume writing, explore professional resume writing services or seek feedback from a trusted mentor or friend.
An updated, tailored resume helps your application make it past the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and can make all the difference in how successful your job search is.
9. Customize Your Cover Letter
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Just because it’s a part-time job doesn’t mean your cover letter shouldn’t be in tip-top shape. Personalize your cover letter to show how and why you’re a perfect match.
Not only will this help the hiring team, but it will also help your application make it past an ATS that screens for keywords.
Do more than just repeat what’s in your resume. Instead, use your cover letter to let a bit of your personality shine, and detail a few reasons why you’re the perfect fit for the job.
Tie those reasons directly to the job or company research for the best possible chance of landing the role.
10. Apply, Track, and Follow Up
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Focus on creating an organized routine for your job search to ensure you don’t miss any key steps. Keep track of your applications in a spreadsheet and create calendar reminders to follow up a week after you submit your application.
Once you’ve landed an interview, an essential aspect of how to get part-time jobs is ensuring you’re sending a thank-you note within 24 hours and following up again a week later.
Follow-up emphasizes your interest in the role and lets you stay fresh in the hiring manager’s mind.

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