The Czar just joined the Affiliate Marketing Show to Discuss the FCC NPRM Ruling and You Can Watch It NOW! – TCPAWorld

So everyone has heard about the Summit by now, but if you weren’t there you absolutely MISSED OUT on some of the best perspectives on the new FCC NPRM–not just from the Czar (the FIRST TIME I have addressed the ruling) but also from other top industry lawyers.
Luckily for you, however, there is lots more content on this in the works.
For a FIRST TAKE and high-level overview of the ruling check out my interview with the gifted Adam Young, Josh Sebo and Harrison Gevirtz on the Affiliate Marketing Show.
This thing just dropped and it already has over 700 views so that’s pretty cool and tells you that its critical to folks right now.
REALLY impressive analysis here from Adam in particular:
“Any time you can improve the consumer experience you are adding longevity to something…. so this type of regulation will solidify the lead generation industry….”
That’s pretty thoughtful. No wonder he is on the board of R.E.A.C.H.!
Check it out now:

Chat soon
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