Remote Jobs Are the Most at Risk From AI, Experts Claim

World of Work at a CrossroadsFears of AI job replacement for remote workers may be concerning, but there are still plenty of companies that offer remote roles, as well as remote jobs requiring no qualifications. In addition, the backlash to companies that are insisting staff return to the office shows a real passion for remote work, such as when Grindr recently issuing a return to office mandate, and losing nearly half it’s staff in the process.That said, Professors Frey and Osborne aren’t alone in sounding the alarm. Some recent reports suggest AI will have replaced 2.4 million jobs by 2030, while even OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admits AI will result in job losses for many. All of which is further cause for concern in already uncertain economic times.In 2023, it seems that everything to do with work is at a crossroads. Between those who enthusiastically embrace AI and those who fear it. Between those who stand by remote working and those pushing for a return to pre-pandemic, office-first norms. Between those sticking to their 9-to-5, Monday to Friday guns and those who see real 4-day work week benefits.Now, you can add a further layer to wider debates around AI, home working, and the future relationship between the two.

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