Cookie Deprecation: A Guide for Affiliate Managers

We have a very special episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast for you this week. Last month, Lee-Ann sat down with Cellxpert Founder, Assaf Dor, to discuss the impact that third-party cookie deprecation will have on the affiliate marketing industry. It was one of our biggest webinars, yet and we received so much positive feedback that we have decided to share it right here on the podcast. Let’s discover more about what cookie deprecation is, how it has come about, and the measures you should be taking now to be ready….
Listen in here for all of the insights:

Why should we care about cookie deprecation?
Assaf begins by defining exactly what cookies are, “Cookies are basically a way for sites to store content on a user’s browser and access that every time they make a request to that site. So, let’s make a distinction also between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. Cookie deprecation is third-party cookie deprecation. First-party cookies are basically the cookies that are stored when you visit a site and access that specific site.”
He goes on to say, “Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by sites that are not on your top-level domain. So, not a site that you accessed. These have always been a backbone for the digital advertising infrastructure. From the early days up until now.”
“The main concern that was raised by privacy groups and policy makers that were looking at the implementation of third-party cookies in the advertising space, has led to this movement to deprecate third-party cookies. In an effort to increase privacy and reduce large scale tracking of users across the internet.”
What should we all be doing right now?
Assaf explains, “First-party data collection, as I said earlier, there are multiple ways to go about it. The question is, who do you make responsible for collecting this data on your behalf?  Will it be the responsibility of the advertiser? Will you put it on your own infrastructure? Or, will you subject it to a third party? There are ways to mitigate some of the issues around that with tools like Google Tag Manager.”
“So, the industry is trying to put solutions in place, but still if you launch a third-party tag in the context of your site, it has security implementations and business intelligence implementations. This, I think, would be a secondary option or a fall-back scenario.”
Your takeaway to-do list
Assaf and Lee-Ann share some tactical steps to implement and take control of in the months ahead, including:

Start having discussions with all the relevant stakeholders – your tech team, your platform providers, and your large affiliates. So, these are your first three targets, in that order.

Make sure that you have the foundation to work with, in your own organisation.

Monitor and test the situation and run preliminary tests.

Reach out – solutions are already in place so go and enquire about them.

Have a look at your program segmentation right NOW. Be ready for it if the change goes ahead and put plans in place to remain proactive. 

To catch-up on this unmissable webinar and gain further insights, click here.
Listen to find out more about:

Predictions for how and when Google Chrome will roll out cookie deprecation in 2024.
Clarity on who all the different players are that need to be engaged.
What will change and the tactical tips you need to remain proactive to these changes. 

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:
[5:50] A look at the browser market share and their approach to cookie deprecation, to date.
[8:38] Why it’s important to engage in conversations on program tracking NOW!
[11:00] How Cellxpert are currently advising clients – an insight into the conversations that are happening.

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