5 Remote Jobs You Can Even Do While On Vacation

5 Remote Jobs You Can Even Do While On Vacation

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Earning a good living has always been a top priority for qualified job-hunters, but in the post-pandemic world, how you earn it and from where is just as important.
Employees have been demanding remote or at least hybrid work options for years, but as 2024 approaches, some are taking it a step further and seeking out work they can do even while they’re on vacation.

But what kind of job can a person perform while sitting on the beach or lounging in a hammock?

“For those looking for remote work that can be done while traveling or on vacation, the key is to look for positions that offer asynchronous work schedules, meaning the work can be done at any time of the day, as long as deadlines are met,” said Sylvia Glynn, resume writer, career coach and founder of job search optimization site Ultmeche. “Another aspect to consider is the intensity and required focus level of the job. Positions that require deep concentration and minimal distractions might not be suitable for a vacation setting. However, tasks that are more modular, allowing you to work in short bursts when convenient, can be ideal.”
Here are a few options that offer the ultimate work-play balance.
Virtual Auto Mechanic
Fixing cars is hands-on work, and most people wouldn’t confuse life in an auto shop for a vacation. But modern cars are equipped with computers, which gave rise to the concept of the virtual mechanic, whose laptop and software replace the ratchet and wrench.
“I interpret diagnostic trouble codes and walk customers through basic repairs over video calls from anywhere in the world,” said Peter Jones, founder of Motor And Wheels. “I’ve helped stranded motorists solve issues while sitting by the hotel pool on family trips. Virtual mechanics keep money coming in on the road.”
According to ZipRecruiter, the average virtual mechanic makes $25 an hour.

Remote Copywriter
Like all great vacation-proof remote jobs, virtual copywriters can usually work whenever they want, provided they complete assignments according to a deadline.
“This role allows individuals to craft compelling content while providing flexibility in terms of time and intensity,” said Kimberley Tyler-Smith, an executive at the career tech platform Resume Worded. “Whether you’re sipping a tropical drink or enjoying a mountain view, copywriting permits you to contribute your creative skills without demanding constant focus. The nature of the work often allows for manageable deadlines, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a balance between work and leisure during their vacation.”
According to ZipRecruiter, the average remote copywriter earns $37 an hour.
Freelance Travel Writer
The surest way to find a job that you can do while on vacation is to pursue one that you can’t do unless you’re on vacation.
“Freelance travel writers and travel bloggers have a unique advantage,” said career and executive coach Andrea Miller, who founded the coaching and consultancy firm LeadWell Company and contributed her input for this article while working remotely during a vacation in Switzerland. “From articles and blog posts to travelogues, a new destination can often be your inspiration. In this case, your vacation spot becomes the subject, creating the perfect balance between work and play.”
ZipRecruiter says the average freelance travel writer makes $29 an hour.
Virtual Social Media or Online Marketing Manager
Just about every business and brand across all industries relies on social media campaigns and digital marketing to increase their visibility, communicate with their customers, steer public perception and drum up business.

If they’re skilled and organized, the professionals who manage these digital campaigns can usually do it while chilling out during a weekend getaway.
“Online marketing and social media management can be done from anywhere, any time,” said Jessica Crane, a wealth and business coach for women entrepreneurs. “Time management with these types of roles is generally quite flexible, allowing you to plan and schedule content in advance. Also, the focus level needed can be adjusted to accommodate your holiday mindset. You can usually manage how much work you do with proper planning and automation, making it a suitable option for working remotely, whether you’re by the pool or having a fun city break.”
According to ZipRecruiter, virtual social media managers make $31 an hour.
Online Tutor
Whether they help students learn English, prep for the SATs, pass the LSATs or get through 10th grade, online tutors can plan their lessons, create their materials and enlighten their students on their own timelines.
“This opportunity allows individuals with subject-matter expertise to connect with students virtually and provide educational support and guidance,” said Angelique Hamilton, chief people and culture officer of coaching, training, professional development and consulting services firm HR Chique Group. “With the flexibility to set their own schedules, online tutors can seamlessly integrate work into their vacation plans, making the most of their time away while still contributing their knowledge and skills.”

According to ZipRecruiter, remote tutors average $22 an hour.

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