25 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students with No Experience

In this article, we will look at the 25 best part-time jobs for college students with no experience. We will also talk about the companies hiring for part time jobs in th US. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, head straight to the 10 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students With No Experience. The post-pandemic era has witnessed a major increase in Americans opting for part-time and freelance work for increased flexibility in their schedules. Government data released in June 2023, revealed that the number of individuals voluntarily working part-time reached 21.8 million in May, with a 5% increase from the previous year and a 15% rise over the last decade. The tight labor market, with 10.1 million job openings in April, has empowered workers to dictate their working conditions. Moreover, the Freelancers’ Union reported a 2.2% increase in freelance professionals in 2022.  Hence, we see how with the rise of freelancing and remote work opportunities, college students now have increased flexibility to integrate part-time employment seamlessly into their academic lives. The digital era has opened up a plethora of online gigs that allow them to work from anywhere, tapping into a global job market. Two important employers for part time jobs for college students in the US are Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) and Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS). Let’s look at the recent developments in their hiring and their implications for the youth.  Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) is changing its job requirements to create a more inclusive and skills-focused workforce and offer employees alternative paths to career advancement beyond traditional degrees. The company has invested over $140 million in philanthropic efforts to build skills-based systems, recognizing skills in the same way as formal education. Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) is taking five key steps to achieve this shift: introducing short-form certificates for in-demand skills, rewriting job descriptions to consider skills over degrees, allowing employees to earn degree credits through on-the-job learning, using technology to connect associates to career opportunities, and funding a skills-based ecosystem through Walmart.org. This strategy aims to retain talented workers and provide opportunities for career growth within the company, potentially giving Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) a competitive edge over rivals like Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ:COST), Target Corp (NYSE:TGT), and Kroger Co (NYSE:KR). The hiring and wages at Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) have become more stable after facing challenges during the pandemic. With approximately 1.6 million employees in the US, Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) increased its minimum wage to $14 this year and there is also a notable decrease in turnover at the company.  In response to the rising cost of college and the need for a skilled workforce, Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT)’s approach reflects a broader trend where companies like Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) have reevaluated the necessity of a four-year degree and introduced alternative training programs. On the other hand, Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) has been a major economic force in Florida, according to a recent study by Oxford Economics. The study revealed that the company generated $40 billion in economic impact across the state and contributed to over a quarter of a million jobs during fiscal year 2022. The numbers confirm Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS)’s pivotal role in Florida’s economy, with $40.3 billion in total statewide economic impact and 263,000 direct and indirect jobs, equivalent to 1 out of every 32 jobs in the state. The study highlighted the ripple effect of Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS)’s presence, indicating that for every direct job at Disney, an additional 1.7 jobs are supported across Florida. Furthermore, the study explored the broader economic benefits of Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) which included $6.6 billion in tax revenue, $12.1 billion in total labor income, and support for 2,500 Florida-based small businesses. A group of smiling job seekers shaking hands with employers at a job fair. Our Methodology To list the best part-time jobs for college students with no experience, we looked at jobs with two three features. Firstly, we identified jobs with flexible hours. Secondly, we jotted down jobs that offered some level of skill development for students. Thirdly, we selected jobs which did not require a prior experience in the field to pursue the respective jobs. We shortlisted 50 such jobs with these two features. Then, out of the 50, we selected 25 highest paying jobs. The list is presented in ascending order of average salaries. We acquired data on average salaries from Indeed.com and BLS.  Here is a list of the 25 best part-time jobs for college students with no experience. 25. Medical Records Specialist Average Salary: $17.06/hr With a median pay of $22.69 per hour and no prior work experience or on-the-job training required, it accommodates students with a postsecondary nondegree award. The nature of the job involves organizing and managing medical records which complements organizational and detail-oriented skills that students often develop during their academic pursuits.  24. Data Entry Operator Average Salary: $18.17 Data Entry Operator is an excellent part-time job for college students due to its flexibility, minimal entry requirements, and valuable skill development. With basic computer skills, students can earn income while managing academic commitments.  It is one of the top part-time jobs while studying. Upwork Inc (NASDAQ:UPWK) and Fiverr International Ltd (NYSE:FVRR) are two websites that pay data entry operators. 23. Social Media Marketing Assistant Average Salary: $18.28 Del Sur Taqueria and Cantina and UC Riverside are top employers for Social Media Marketing Assistants in the US. Both have strong employee ratings, with Del Sur offering a competitive monthly salary range of $3,000 to $4,000 on a full-time basis.  22. Resume Screener Average Salary: $18.35/hr A part-time job as a resume screener is great for college students. It has flexible hours, so one can easily balance work with studies. This job also gives one a peek into how hiring works, helping them understand the job market better 21. Research Assistant Average Salary: $18.82/hr A part-time job as a research assistant allows students to explore their academic interests, build research skills, and connect with professors, creating a well-rounded educational experience while earning income to ease the financial burden of college life. 20. Dropshipper Average Salary: $19 Dropshipping, with its 25.1% CAGR, presents a lucrative part-time job for college students. Requiring minimal investment, it offers flexibility and entrepreneurial exposure. It is one of the best part-time remote jobs for college students with no experience.  19. Virtual Assistant Average Salary: $19.36/hr By 2026, over 150 million voice assistants are expected in the US alone, which is evidence of the rapid growth of this job. Therefore, it is one of the best jobs for college students for part-time work from home. 18. Brand Ambassador Average Salary: $19.90/hr The job of a brand ambassador provides hands-on marketing experience to college students and help them build communication skills which can help foster a connection between students and the brand.  17. Nanny Average Salary: $21.12/hr For college students seeking part-time employment, childcare work offers a median pay of $13.71 per hour, requiring only a high school diploma. With 945,900 jobs available and short-term on-the-job training, it’s a flexible option. In 2015, the International Nanny Association estimated that there were 1.2 million nannies in the United States.  16. Social Media Influencer Average Salary: $21.95/hr The job of a social media influencer allows students to leverage their interests, build a personal brand, and gain valuable marketing skills while balancing academic commitments. The reach and engagement generated on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok translate into substantial earnings through brand collaborations.  15. Voice-over Artist Average Salary: $22.66/hr Upwork Inc (NASDAQ:UPWK) is a leading freelancing platform that offers voice-over artists a flourshing marketplace. With a pool of 16,184 client reviews and an impressive 4.9/5 rating for voice-over artists alone, Upwork Inc (NASDAQ:UPWK) offers high compensation rates as high as $125/hr. It is also one of the highest paying jobs without a degree.  14. Junior Bookkeeper Average Salary: $22.81/hr AI has recently been assisting bookkeepers by automating data-intensive tasks, such as invoice processing, expense categorization, and payroll management. With natural language processing, AI tools like ChatGPT improve communication and simplify documentation for bookkeepers. To read more about accounting software, see the best accounting software in 2023.  13. Proofreader Average Salary: $23.45/hr A proofreading job hones attention to detail, grammar, and language proficiency, reinforcing communication abilities crucial in various professions. The remote nature of many proofreading opportunities allows students to balance work with coursework. It is one of the best-paying part-time jobs for college students online. 12. Solar Photovoltaic Installer Average Salary: $23.61/hr Solar Photovoltaic Installers have a median pay of $45,230 per year in the US and they typically require a high school diploma. The occupation is one of the fastest growing occupations in the US with a growth rate of 22% from 2022-2032, creating 6,600 new jobs. It is one of the most-in demand jobs for the future. 11. Event planner Average salary: $23.79/hr The role of an event planner allows students to hone organizational, communication, and multitasking skills crucial for future careers. The dynamic nature of event planning accommodates different schedules that can allow students to balance work with academic commitments. It is one of the best jobs for college students with no experience. Click here to see the 10 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students With No Experience. Suggested Articles: Disclosure: None. 25 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students with No Experience is originally published on Insider Monkey.


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