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SCCG Management is a premier management advisory firm, featuring experienced leaders from the global gaming industry who deliver expert solutions for strategic success with a focus on iGaming, Sports Betting, E-Sports, and Casino Technology. With a global network spanning over 30 years and international offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Latin America, SCCG connects clients with the right strategic partners for global-scale growth. As an accelerator for early-stage companies, we promote innovation and empower emerging businesses to achieve their objectives. SCCG also acts as an early-stage investor, providing capital and resources to entrepreneurs developing new and innovative products and platforms.
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– Forging strategic partnerships with operators and suppliers- Business strategy development and execution- Market research for new markets, products, and emerging opportunities- Business development and global sales distribution into new markets- M&A advisory- Early-stage Investment- Evaluation of IP and media rights in relation to sports betting- Sponsorship and activation strategies- Facilitating market access- Strengthening tribal relationsSCCG CORPORATE FILM:


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Sports Wagering Platforms and SolutionsSCCG plays a crucial role in the sports wagering sector, introducing major operators like Betfred to the US market and supporting emerging platforms. With a comprehensive approach, the company leverages its extensive global network and industry experience to connect, advise, and invest in its client partners. This strategy not only fosters growth and innovation but also positions SCCG as a key player in shaping the future of sports wagering and gaming.

iGaming Platforms, Content, and IP SCCG Management stands at the forefront of innovation in the iGaming industry, driving substantial growth for both emerging studios and established powerhouses. Our team excels at creating strategic partnerships and ensuring seamless integration across various platforms, solidifying our reputation in both social casino and real-money iGaming domains. We have a proven track record of connecting with top operators, fostering relationships that enhance distribution and market penetration. Additionally, our expertise extends to guiding design and facilitating market expansion, ensuring that our clients achieve widespread brand recognition and access untapped user bases.

iGaming and Affiliate Marketing SupportSCCG Management offers comprehensive iGaming solutions and support, connecting B2B solutions with significant operators for strategic partnerships. Our expertise includes top-tier KYC and Anti-Money Laundering solutions, ensuring secure user verification and financial monitoring. We facilitate smooth transactions with our efficient payment processing services, while our loyalty and retention programs enhance user engagement and value. Our geolocation tools ensure compliance with regional regulations, and our CRM solutions focus on personalized player experiences and data-driven insights. Additionally, our portfolio includes risk management and user experience optimization, providing a spectrum of tailored solutions for iGaming excellence.

Sports Marketing & Fan EngagementSCCG Management excels in sports marketing and fan engagement, securing significant sponsorship deals with teams like the Bengals, Golden Knights, Rockies, and Broncos. We seamlessly integrate innovative fan engagement solutions, introducing gamification to sports and enhancing the fan experience. This strategy strengthens the bond between teams and fans, creating interactive and engaging moments, while maximizing impact and reach for both teams and sponsors. SCCG Management is at the forefront of redefining sports marketing and fan interaction.

Sports Data and Streaming technologySCCG Management empowers our client partners with access to premier sports data and streaming technology. We connect them with top data scientists and provide innovative solutions tailored for setting precise odds in niche and micro markets. Our partners’ systems are adept at quickly converting vast data sets into actionable insights, enhancing the decision-making process across various platforms. SCCG Management ensures that our client partners are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to excel and maintain a competitive edge in the sports industry.

Sports Leagues and TeamsSCCG Management fosters strong partnerships with major sports leagues and teams, including the Bengals, Hendrick Motor Sports, Race Team Alliance, as well as niche sports like Major League Pickleball, AUDL, and the American Cornhole League. We play a pivotal role in connecting these entities with valuable sponsors and integrating innovative gamification strategies to enhance fan engagement. Additionally, we are instrumental in enabling sports wagering options, adding a dynamic layer to the spectator experience. Our comprehensive approach ensures that both mainstream and niche sports entities are fully supported in maximizing their engagement, revenue, and overall market presence.

Responsible GamingSCCG Management is deeply committed to promoting Responsible Gaming, offering a portfolio filled with top-tier solutions designed to assist operators in maintaining compliance and fostering trust. Our tools and strategies ensure that operators can establish credibility with their users, creating a safe and transparent gaming environment. By prioritizing responsible practices, we help our client partners navigate the complex landscape of gaming regulation while ensuring the well-being of their user base. SCCG Management is at the forefront of integrating Responsible Gaming principles, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to integrity and user safety in the gaming industry.

Esports SolutionsSCCG Management plays a pivotal role in bolstering the offerings of our client partners in the esports sector. We provide expert guidance and support to enhance their esports data analytics, ensuring they deliver cutting-edge insights. Our involvement also extends to optimizing tournament platforms, facilitating seamless event execution and engagement. In addition, we assist in the integration and promotion of peer-to-peer betting systems, adding a unique and engaging element to the esports experience. Through our comprehensive support and industry expertise, SCCG Management ensures that our client partners’ esports platforms and solutions are top-tier, driving growth and success in this vibrant and ever-evolving field.

Lottery Content and SolutionsSCCG Management is at the forefront of transforming the lottery industry, connecting innovative lottery formats and content with operators to create synergistic partnerships. We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to identify and forge strategic alliances, ensuring our client partners have access to cutting-edge lottery solutions. Our role is instrumental in facilitating the integration of novel content and formats, enhancing the appeal and engagement of lottery offerings. Through our dedicated support and strategic insight, SCCG Management empowers lottery operators and content providers to collaborate effectively, driving innovation and growth within the lottery space, and ultimately delivering a superior experience to end-users.

Professional Services and SolutionsSCCG Management offers an extensive range of professional services and solutions tailored to the gaming industry, with a commitment to innovation and excellence. Our SCCG Venture Fund plays a crucial role, investing in early-stage gaming technology solutions and fostering growth and development in the sector. The iGaming Law Group, founded by Stephen A. Crystal, brings legal expertise and supports clients both within and outside the United States, ensuring compliance and advocacy across jurisdictions. SCCG Research, comprised of gaming industry experts from various backgrounds, conducts independent and comprehensive research on casino gaming, providing valuable insights and analysis. Additionally, our SCCG Managed Services and SCCG Managed Compliance offer tailored support and solutions, ensuring operational efficiency and adherence to regulatory standards. Together, these services and solutions underscore SCCG Management’s commitment to providing holistic and expert-driven support to our client partners in the gaming industry.


IGAMING LAW GROUPFounded by Stephen A. Crystal, ILG works with some of the largest companies inside and outside the United States to support our clients’ interests. These include some of the largest and most well-known tribal and commercial entities in the world. We maintain a constant awareness of the iGaming, online, mobile, and land-based sports wagering regulatory landscape as we are actively engaged in every jurisdiction in the US.

SCCG VENTURE FUNDThe SCCG Venture Fund is an alternative investment fund that focuses on increasing value and distributing profit through investing in gaming opportunities. Opportunities include equity, debt, direct asset ownership, and revenue sharing opportunities. It offers the potential for higher than normal returns for the risk tolerant investor.

SCCG RESEARCHSCCG Research is a group comprised of gaming industry experts inside and outside SCCG Management, conducting independent, topical research on the casino gaming industry. SCCG Research is dedicated to producing high-quality, original works that help policymakers, industry professionals, and the general public better understand the economic, social, and cultural impacts of casino gaming.

Founder, Stephen A. Crystal, is a seasoned expert in the global gaming industry. With over 30 years of experience, he represents, advises, and invests in gaming clients worldwide, specializing in casino, sports betting, and iGaming. He has worked in all aspects of the industry, including as an attorney representing public and private gaming companies, president and CEO of numerous casino holding and public gaming companies, and as an investor and advisor on over $4 billion dollars of project finance, mergers and acquisitions in the casino gaming space.
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