Make Your First $1000 in 4 weeks with AI — without doing a Lot. | by Afnan Jalil | Nov, 2023

Make $200–$500 per weekPhoto by Braňo on UnsplashNo matter how successful your income stream is, never trust it blindly. Never let it be your only source of income. Because if God forbids it, it vanishes somehow then you won’t have anything as your safety net.I began 2023 by freelancing and writing SEO content for B2B and SAAS brands. I loved working with them through my LinkedIn.In 3 months I amassed a following of 2300 people, gave brand growth consultation calls, and sold 3 digital products.I was working on more exciting ideas behind the curtains. Things were going great for me.UntilLinkedIn blocked my account. REASON? Still unknown.In a single day, I lost my clients, audience, and hours of hard work. The only option for me was to begin again and I was exhausted.Not to mention depressed and unmotivated.But this was the time that I decided to find more income streams and establish an empire( kidding).However, I was curious and passionate about creating different streams of PASSIVE INCOME. Not even active ones. Probably because I am very lazy.After 8 months, I have found amazing resources that work wonders and earn me some side cash along with my main income stream: Affiliate Marketing.But then AI stormed over and let me tell you, If you are not using AI right now to earn any money. You are losing big.AI won’t replace people or jobs but people who use AI will. People who know how to use AI well to earn and exploit markets would find great ways to profit from it.Keeping that in mind,Here are a few tools and ways I use to make some extra $250 on the side with AI, if you stay consistent, it will make you your first $1000.

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