How I Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income Doing Just 10 Hours of Work a Year

How I Make ,000 a Month in Passive Income Doing Just 10 Hours of Work a Year

fizkes / iStock.comPassive income is the way to go if you want to make some money with little to no effort. While you’ll need an initial investment, passive income — money not derived from active involvement such as a salary — comes in various flavors. And some individuals have mastered the art of it, saying they make six figures a year while working just 10 hours.How To Get Free Money: 15 Proven WaysLearn: What To Do If You Owe Back Taxes to the IRSFor instance, a Reddit user — Citrous_Oyster — said he could achieve this feat with websites.“I sold $0 down $150 a month website subscriptions that came with unlimited edits, hosting, support, and lifetime updates. I make over $5k a month from them now. I do less than 10 hours of edits a year. So it’s mostly just passive,” Citrous_Oyster said.The user explained that he made a template library with over 800 designs he already had designed and coded and he just copied and pasted the code together to make a site in a couple hours.“I spend more time on content and image optimization than I do coding it. Most of the work is already done for me,” the user wrote on Reddit. “I launched two subscriptions within the last seven days. I have to overhead on these. It helps that through years of experience, I know exactly what content I need and where to put it and the structure of the site I need.”The user, whose real name is Ryan Postell, according to his website Codestitch, explained in detail how anyone can start their business, make sales calls or manage a project from start to finish.“So if you’re planning on starting your own freelance web design business, here’s everything you need to know,” he said on his website. “Nothing is guaranteed, and these are only the things I’ve done that made me successful, but this is a great starting point for you to find your place in this web dev world.”More From GOBankingRatesThis article originally appeared on How I Make $5,000 a Month in Passive Income Doing Just 10 Hours of Work a Year

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