COOL CUSTOMER: Watford man takes on most remote job in the world

Antarctica awaits for Watford resident Shabir Alidina, who is amongst a select few travelling to the end of the world for one of the most remote jobs on the planet.
Last month, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) announced the new team that will be travelling to Antarctica for some of the world’s most remote jobs.
Shabir is leaving Watford behind, where he has lived since he was nine months old, to run the most southerly gift shop in Port Lockroy, Antarctica.
For five months, Shabir won’t have access to a flushing toilet, running water, or the internet, and will endure sub-zero temperatures on the football-pitch sized Goudier Island.
Shabir is already well travelled, having previously visited Antarctica, the Arctic and North Korea.
He said: “I feel so fortunate to have been selected for such a unique opportunity to support the heritage of Antarctica whilst living and working in such dramatic landscapes. I’m looking forward to managing a gift shop located at the end of the world. It will be good to unplug from regular life and I’m looking forward to working with the team and visiting the white continent once again.”
Camilla Nichol, CEO of UKAHT, said: “We’ve handpicked each team member for their expertise, genuine love and fascination of Antarctica and determination to preserve its rich heritage.”

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