6 Secret ways to make extra money

Passive income ideas, create multiple income streamsActive income is the money earned while working at a job. In comparison, passive income should not require an excessive amount of daily effort to sustain. We are facing microeconomic uncertainties, when the cost of living, mortgage rate and inflation are getting higher, it is a good time to think about how to earn some extra income. The objective of the article is to offer you a plentiful supply of ideas for generating a passive income stream by monetising your hobbies. These could be as simple as generating some income by creating a profitable blog, maximising eCommerce platforms, publishing your own books online, renting your “spares”, creating NFT, starting your online courses, and investing in some art or other alternative investments. The following article will explain various ways that would be excellent starting points for generating a passive income stream.
1. Create a profitable blogMonetizing your blog might provide a continuous income stream. This can be accomplished via producing revenue from affiliate marketplaces, adverts, and sponsorships, as well as hosting a virtual summit. Affiliate markets are markets in which you may include links to merchandise that users can purchase. The affiliate market would pay you a percentage of each product sold on your site, and it would be appropriate to examine how well the products fit with your blog’s overarching subject matter.You may choose to start, create, promote, and customize your own blog. Ensuring new trends are captivated and addressed to your target audience. The fundamental concept behind a narrative style or storytelling is that it is a compelling way to engage consumers on your site. One method to ensure readers connect with the content is to quote experts on the subject, which makes your blog appear more trustworthy and professional while also contributing to the wider discourse. A unique strategy to promote the blog on social media channels is to host a contest. The contest could require the participant to share the social media link which could lead to more readers. The prize could be a product on your eCommerce store or another alternative.Advertising is divided into two categories. First, you might host display advertisements on your website, while the second type of advertisement would be PCC (pay-per-click), with payment based on the number of clicks on the advertisement; these advertisements could be from Google AdSense. E-mail marketing is another alternative in which you can include items for sale, whether they are affiliate products or your own. Sponsorships imply that you are compensated by the sponsor to post content on your blog; alternatively, you could review products or services on your blog via a sponsored review.Another approach to monetize your blog is to arrange a virtual summit by inviting numerous guest speakers to participate in a panel discussion. The video of the panel discussion could be embedded in your blog, and you could charge a fee for access to the specific video. There might also be an offer in which you provide your audience with an all-access pass to all of the virtual summit videos, or you could provide 24-hour free access and then limit it in order to generate revenue.
2. Selling your own products on eCommerce platformsIf you have a hobby to produce your own products, you hold the possibility of selling through your own eCommerce store or through Amazon. These things can be sold by reaching out through numerous platforms such as e-mail marketing, social media posts, or an e-commerce store. To open an eCommerce store, you will need to obtain a merchant ID, which may be obtained from PayPal, which also gives a merchant ID. You can begin accepting debit or credit card payments for your products with a merchant ID. You are able to incorporate your logo or any additional artwork on your product in order to solidify the brand it is associated with.
3. Publishing a book or selling an eBookWriting your own novel is the most straightforward endeavour to produce and sell because there are minimal upfront costs. You may sell the book as a download or through Amazon. The book’s emphasis could be industry-specific, such as finance, law, entrepreneurship, art business, and NFTs. To target the same demographic, the book’s focal point or subject could be linked to the blog or eCommerce site. It would be relatively straightforward for you to generate passive income from page reads and Amazon Kindle book sales, and the more you write, the faster you will improve, potentially leading to more sales.
4. Selling an online course, podcast, or licensed audio tracksYou might monetize a hobby or ability by writing a step-by-step instruction book on how to develop it and expand on this asset or knowledge of the industry. Courses can be in the form of a PowerPoint slide show and offered on sites for example Udemy, Coursera, and SkillShare. An audio track could be created on platforms such as SoundCloud where you create a portfolio of your own music.This strategy allows you to generate income from royalties. It is critical to distinguish the relevant subject matter from the course, as well as establish a niche. A podcast could also be regarding life coaching, business development coaching, or career coaching. This has the potential to expand with regards to a client database to provide a one-on-one interaction and approach to a coaching service in the future.
5. Renting your “spares”If you enjoy travelling, maybe you can also earn some income when you are away from home. Renting out your garden, car, storage space, parking, bike, or room are some suggestions. Most people may think of Airbnb, do you know that you can also rent out some things such as a bicycle? You might consider renting out a bicycle using platforms such as Spinlister, or alternatively, you can rent out your car through services such as Turo. This is advantageous since you may have greater flexibility in posting and restricting rental dates. This would provide a passive income stream when you are in another city and have extra space. This is a dependable approach for producing a more continuous income stream. If you have a big garden, you can also rent outpart of your garden to your neighbours. Your neighbour may be a keen gardener who loves to grow some organic vegetables. You can rent the garden out in return for rent, a well-maintained garden plus some homegrown vegetables!
6. Create NFTs to trade (Minting a nonfungible token)This option may allow you to publish your digital design. The term “fungible” refers to an aspect that is identical to another. You essentially purchase a token of the work of art and this transaction is registered on the blockchain, a decentralized database. The advantage of this is that the NFT cannot be traded, and its protected authorship is to the artist. There is a permanent record of the purchase and proof of ownership provided. You would receive the payment of your NFT in cryptocurrency. The artwork, its provenance, and ownership are recorded on blockchain. There is a record of the NFT along with the works image, details, owner, URL, QR code and unique blockchain address. They are also tools for providing proof of ownership of digital assets. Using the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, strings of data are made permanent and unalterable by a decentralized computer network. One of the advantages of this passive income stream is that a core feature of blockchain technology is “immutability”. All transactions recorded are permanent and transparent, which means that any sales and NFT purchased are visible to the public. In comparison to the analogue world where sales are less transparent. There could be questions which arise within the NFT market: is it monolithic? Are we treating this market speculatively?
Article written by: Joy Serena Evenden – Finance Monthly Magazine


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