The Best Micro Campers of 2023: 15 Tiny Homes on Wheels for Every Budget and Lifestyle

The Best Micro Campers of 2023: 15 Tiny Homes on Wheels for Every Budget and Lifestyle

You know how the saying goes: “The bigger, the better.” While that may be true in some cases, it’s not necessarily valid when discussing campers. If you’re thinking of unleashing your inner adventurer spirit, I’m here to tell you more about small campers and how downsizing might be the option you’re looking for.
The camper industry has been steadily rising, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst for its development. It makes sense – it’s easier than ever to start exploring your surroundings, and there’s an increasing number of remote jobs available.Before we go any deeper into the subject, let me make something clear. The term “camper” is very broad: it can refer to a converted van, a travel trailer, a truck camper, and more. But today, the campers we’ll be checking out are small trailers.Pros and ConsIt’s fair to assume that the bigger your camper is, the more comfortable the camping experience gets. While real estate is critical when living in a mobile home, larger vehicles have some limitations. For instance, they can’t fit on many roads, such as those in national parks. But perhaps a more significant issue is price – a large, fully-equipped camper will drain your bank account.Regardless of the type of vehicle, campers with small real estate will always cost less. Furthermore, they offer increased maneuverability, are more fuel-efficient because they’re lighter, and are easier to maintain than larger variants.If you’re looking to go off the beaten path, you’ll discover that despite lacking size, many smaller campers often make up for it with off-road capabilities.On the other hand, there are a few downsides. Needless to say, micro campers offer less living space and storage capacity. Moreover, most lack the comforts of larger vehicles, like full-sized bathrooms or well-equipped kitchens. What’s more, if you’re looking to travel in a larger group, like with your family, you’ll probably have a hard time.There are so many micro campers out there that you’ll find something to suit your needs. To make the search easier, we’ve compiled a list of 15 models that will surely pique your interest. All of them are light enough to be towed by an SUV and can snugly fit inside an 8-foot (245-centimeter) garage.1. Timberleaf PikaPhoto: Timberleaf Trailers

Dry Weight: 1,025 lbs. (465 kg)
Size: 54 x 96 inches (137 x 244 cm)
Price: starts at $14,750 (€13,933)

Lots of micro campers, just like the Pika, come in the form of teardrop trailers. Teardrop trailers represent a modern reinterpretation of classic camping. The “teardrop” bit refers to their shape, streamlined to provide little resistance when towed.The Timberleaf Pika is a compact, rugged teardrop trailer for remote adventures. With such a small size and low weight, there’s no limit to where you can take it, and it can be towed by most passenger vehicles.Simplicity is the key with the Pika, and you can see that in its features. Inside the trailer, you’ll discover a double-size mattress, some small nets for storage, and three LED lights. Moreover, each model comes standard with a skylight, a fan, two doors, and two windows.At the rear, a spacious galley integrates a 21-by-54-inch (53-by-137-centimeter) main countertop and a 10-inch (25-centimeter) deep upper countertop. Moreover, you’ll find a Power Center with a 100 Ah battery complete with four USB ports, a 12-volt accessory port, and a 110-volt GCFI outlet. You can also opt for a special compartment inside the galley that houses a 9-gallon (35-liter) Dometic refrigerator.Three versions of the Timberleaf Pika are available: Standard, All-Road, and Off-Road, the last two of which come with suspension upgrades, electric drum brakes, rock sliders, and more. Nevertheless, the Standard version provides the essentials needed for a short getaway, all in a fairly priced package.2. Happier Camper HC1 Breeze
Photo: Happier Camper

Dry Weight: 1,000 lbs. (454 kg)
Size: 13’5” x 7’1” / 161 x 85 inches (409 x 216 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 7’8” or 92 inches (234 centimeters)
Interior Height: 6’1″ or 73 inches (185 centimeters)
Price: starts at $24,950 (€23,546)

The HC1 Breeze is Happier Camper’s latest small travel trailer. The HC1 first caught the public’s eye at its release in 2015 with its chic retro look and durable fiberglass shell. Now, Happier Camper describes the Breeze model as the company’s “lightest and most affordable trailer.” Indeed, I wouldn’t call the $24,950 price tag affordable, but let’s see what you get for it.Its tiny size and low dry weight of 1,000 lbs. make this trailer easily towable by most cars, and it’ll take up a single parking space. One of the best parts about Happier Camper trailers is their interior layout.The company uses what they call the “Adaptiv” floor grid paired with modular components. Long story short, you can easily adjust their trailer’s interior via modular pieces that can be rearranged and stacked, all without glues, screws, or rivets. Think of it like building Legos, but instead using modular cubes.You can opt for a kitchenette, a toilet, and even a bunk bed. If you choose the latter option, up to five people will be able to sleep in the HC1 Breeze.At the rear, you’ll find a massive hatch door that opens to the great outdoors, letting the breeze inside. Other notable elements are several cabinets for storage, built-in water-draining outlets, and plugs for charging electronics.3. NuCamp BarefootPhoto: NuCamp RV

Dry Weight: 2,109 lbs. (957 kg)
Size: 16’7” x 6’6” (505 x 198 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 8’1” or 97 inches (246 centimeters)
Interior Height: 6’1” or 73 inches (185 centimeters)
Price: starts around $47,000 (€44,396)

Another micro camper worth mentioning is the NuCamp Barefoot. Design-wise, it’s quite similar to the HC1 Breeze’s retro vibe, with a curvy fiberglass body and a free-flowing layout.This travel trailer can comfortably fit up to two people inside. Those who travel in the NuCamp Barefoot will discover that it not only looks good, but it’s also equipped with features that make life on the road more enjoyable.For instance, there’s a central heat/hot water system, a Nautilus water management system, and central air conditioning. Inside, you’ll discover a U-shaped dinette area that takes up massive space. Worry not; that’s also where you sleep, as it can be transformed into a bed.The galley kitchen offers the essentials for cooking. It features two countertops, a deep sink, a refrigerator, and a two-burner stove. For storage, you have various drawers and cabinets all around the interior.Amazingly, NuCamp left enough room in this tiny trailer to fit a wet bathroom, complete with a retractable showerhead and a cassette toilet. All of the features I mentioned come with the Base package. There’s also the possibility of upgrading to the Convenience package, which offers a soft-touch ceiling, a solar port, and a three-bottle wine rack, among other features.4. Red Gecko TDXPhoto: Red Gecko Adventure Trailers

Dry Weight: 950 lbs. (430 kg)
Size: 12’8” x 4’7” or 152 x 55 inches (386 x 139 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 6’2” or 74 inches (188 centimeters)
Price: under $11,000 (€10,382)

If you’re more of a hardcore adventurer, this option might be a better choice for you. The Red Gecko TDX boasts a light yet rugged build, and it’s ready to accompany you off the beaten path. With a dry weight of only 950 lbs., a lighter SUV won’t have any issue towing it.You will only need a glance at the TDX to know it’s made for exploration. It’s built on a stainless steel rectangular tubing chassis and finished with Raptor lining, protected against scratches and moisture.Inside, you’ll discover a simple yet aesthetically pleasing space made entirely from birch and spruce plywood, offering natural insulation. You’ll relax and sleep on a double foam mattress, and you can store your belongings in various storage cubbies.Red Gecko included a simple yet practical galley at the trailer’s tail. It comprises a full-width worktop, cubbies, and drawers, one of which holds an included Cadac portable dual-burner stove powered by a three-kg (7-lb.) LPG bottle mounted on the sidewall.Other notable standard features include a 100 Ah battery, LED lighting, a roll-out awning, and USB charging ports. If you empty some extra cash out of your wallet, you can get your hands on a fridge stand, a folding table, a rechargeable water dispenser, and more.It might not be that well equipped, but the TDX is a good deal considering its price, especially for those looking to start exploring via a micro camper without spending excessive money.5. Kimberley KaravanPhoto: Kimberley Kampers

Dry Weight: 3,483 lbs. (1,580 kg)
Size: 18’2” x 6’3” or 218 x 75 inches (554 x 191 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 7’4” or 88 inches (224 centimeters) when closed
Price: starts at $85,000 (€80,291)

What do you get when you pay a whopping $85,000 for a micro camper? Quite a luxurious tiny home on wheels, I’d say. It’s offered in two versions: Classic and Eco-Suite, with more creature comforts and more advanced energy systems. Three additional variants are available for two, four, and even six occupants. Today, I’m talking about the smallest one that can sleep two adults.Kimberely operates and sells its vehicles in Australia, so you already know they know what it takes to make a trailer off-road-proof. This trailer sits on an independent trailing arm suspension and even comes with a remote-controlled airbag inflation system for camping in steep spots.The best part of this seemingly small travel trailer is that it almost doubles in size by expanding its roof. It’s straightforward to do: just undo some latches and press a button. You’ll find no timber on this vehicle, as Kimberely used high-grade alloy, high molecular weight thermoplastic, and steel for its construction.For such a price, it’s normal to have higher expectations. And the Karavan won’t disappoint. Inside, there’s a well-equipped kitchen with a large sink, a cooktop, and a large 130-liter (32-gallon) fridge. If you prefer preparing a meal outdoors, you’ll discover an exterior kitchen with a two-burner stove, a sink, and other features protected by an awning above.The bathroom is toward the front of the trailer, boasting a swing-out fiberglass ensuite, minimizing the occupied space. A central seating area comes with leather seats and a slide-out table. And lastly, the full-size queen bed can be popped out for extra room.Of course, you get a diesel hot water and air heater, a dual water system, and a powerful electrical system. Truth be told, there are so many features in the Kimberley Karavan – if I were to talk about them all, it would take up at least half of this article.6. Scamp 13Photo: Scamp Trailers

Dry Weight: around 1,500 lbs. (1,680 kg)
Size: 13’ x 6’8” or 156 x 80 inches (196 x 203 centimeters)
Interior Height: 6’3” or 75 inches (191 centimeters)
Price: starts at $17,000 (€16,058)

One of the names you might’ve heard about is Scamp Trailers. Scamp is a family-owned American business that has been around since 1972. It’s known for producing single-axle, fiberglass travel trailers, with all new models built-to-order.The original travel trailer was the 13-foot model, and the company still manufactures it today under the name Scamp 13. The 2024 model is available in two versions: Standard and Deluxe. The main difference between these two is that the Deluxe variant comes with a choice of an Oak or Birch interior.Scamp has kept things straightforward and minimalistic, both regarding this trailer’s exterior and interior. Their recipe for building micro campers doesn’t seem to have changed that much – and why change it if it was successful?Inside the Scamp 13, you’ll discover all the essentials you need for traveling. A seating area with two benches and a table can be transformed into a bedroom that can fit two people. Different floor plans are also available.The kitchen is equipped with a two-burner propane stove, a sink, a refrigerator, and some storage options. You also get a decently-sized wet bathroom with a shower and a toilet.Regarding utilities, the trailer is fitted with grey and black water tanks, a water pump, a water heater, a battery system, and a USB station.Although the Scamp 13 is not that fancy, it certainly does the job. There’s a reason why Scamp Trailers is still on the market – they provide simple yet high-quality products that cater to the needs of travelers.7. Little Guy Micro MaxPhoto: Little Guy Trailers

Dry Weight: 1,860 lbs. (844 kg)
Size: 15’11” x 6’8” (485 x 203 centimeters)
Interior Height: 5’9” or 69 inches (175 centimeters)
Price: starts at $25,000 (€23,615)

Next up on the list is the Micro Max from Little Guy – everything in this trailer’s name screams “small,” but you’ll be surprised at how well-equipped this vehicle is.It features a solid tubular steel chassis construction. Its body is built from Azdel composite sidewalls and roof, a US-made material that provides superior insulation, impact protection, and more.Up to three adults can sleep in this trailer, with seating offered for up to 6 people. The Standard floor is quite interesting, with two dinette/bed areas, one in the front and one in the rear. They both feature swiveling tables and integrated storage compartments. Alternatively, the CT floor plan replaces one of the front dinette seats with a cassette toilet.Other notable features include a TV mounted on a movable swivel arm, exterior speakers, and a control center for the lights, water tanks, heater, and music. Oh, by the way, the Micro Max is fitted with a 12-gallon (45-liter) fresh water tank and an 8.5-gallon (32-liter) grey water tank, all located inside to be protected against harsh weather.The Micro Max’s cabinetry is produced from 100% maple hardwood. What’s more, the kitchen comes with a stainless steel deep sink, a two-burner glass-top stove, a small refrigerator, a microwave, a 6-gallon (23-liter) water heater, a 16,000 BTU furnace, and a 5,000 BTU A/C. Add-ons include spare tires, off-road tires, a solar package, and more.I couldn’t find any exact information regarding pricing, but it should start at about $25,000.8. Hive EX-XPhoto: Hive Camper

Dry Weight: 1,680 lbs. (762 kg)
Size: 14’9” x 7’2” or 177 x 86 inches (450 x 218 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 6’3” or 75 inches (191 centimeters)
Price: starts at $49,400 (€46,663)

The Hive EX-X is yet another micro camper made explicitly with off-roading in mind. Tipping the scales at 1,680 lbs. (762 kg) and with a body length of 143″ (353 centimeters), an SUV will have no issues towing this trailer.Of the three available models in the EX series, the EX-X is the best equipped and, of course, the most expensive. You can choose between a wooden and an aluminum cabin, which cost $49,400 (€46,663) and $54,600 (€51,575), respectively.To tackle rugged terrains, the EX-X sports a galvanized frame chassis and an independent arm suspension, as well as electric brakes. Moreover, the trailer is equipped with rubberized panels and fenders for additional protection.Various exterior compartments are designed to make life easier when camping. For instance, some hold gas canisters, while others are for storage. On the side, there’s a sizeable slide-out kitchen complete with a sink, a two-burner cooktop, and a fridge. If you do decide to prepare a nice meal, you can use a 270-degree awning to protect yourself from the elements.Although it might not look like it, the Hive EX-X even comes with a bathroom toward the front. It features a porta potty and a hot water system – you can even set up a shower enclosure for extra privacy.The interior has a fixed bed, big enough to fit two people. You’ll also notice a battery monitor and management system, a 12 V plug, some light switches, and overhead cabinets for storage.Regarding utilities, the EX-X is fitted with a 42-gallon (159-liter) plastic water tank and 200 Ah batteries. What’s more, a 2,000 W inverter can be linked with a 200 W foldable solar panel. You can opt for additional features such as an A/C, a rooftop tent, and more.All in all, the Hive EX-X is excellent for off-road exploring, but its price is still quite high for what the trailer offers.9. SylvanSport TraiLoftPhoto: SylvanSport

Dry Weight: 352 lbs. (160 kg)
Size: 11’2” x 6’7” or 134 x 79 inches (340 x 201 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 3’10” or 46 inches (117 centimeters)
Price: starts at $5,195 (€4,907)

Many of us don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a microcamper. The TraiLoft is a 2-in-1 budget-friendly solution to camping, available for purchase starting at $5,195.Of course, for this low price, you must lower your expectations regarding what you’ll find on it. That being said, it could still be an excellent mobile home. One of the best parts about this vehicle is that it can be towed by almost any car, truck, or SUV. It can even be pulled by motorcycle if you have a hitch receiver and a four-way plug.The TraiLoft is essentially a Loft rooftop tent combined with the Go Easy kayak trailer, both SylvanSport products. It takes only one minute to set up the micro camper by popping open the tent, and two people can sleep inside. You’ll find a custom mattress, a rechargeable fan/light combo, and some small storage spaces inside.Even with the tent on top, there’s still some room left on the Go Easy trailer, which can be used for storage. Another practical feature of this micro camper is that its two parts can be separated and used independently.Even though it’s drastically less equipped than other micro campers in this list, the SylvanSport TraiLoft can still be a good choice for adventurers with a tight budget, especially if they prefer shorter stays, like a weekend getaway.10. Kuckoo Camper BrunoPhoto: Kuckoo Camper

Dry Weight: 1,168 lbs. (530 kg)
Size: 14’5” x 6’2” or 173 x 74 inches (440 x 189 centimeters)
Interior Height: 4’5” or 53 inches (135 centimeters)
Price: starts at (€19,490)

With most of the micro campers I listed so far being from the US, it was only fair to share with you a rig from my home continent, Europe. Kuckoo Campers is a German company, and Bruno is their only product available for nom, described as an all-terrain, all-season capable square drop camper trailer.The trailer boasts a multilayer wood structure, reinforced with fiberglass/ epoxy and coated in 2K PU. By using real wood instead of plastic, the company made the Bruno more sustainable and cheaper to produce.On the side, you’ll discover a slide-out kitchen with a small gas camping stove and various storage spaces. What’s more, you can access the kitchen from the inside, so you don’t have to go outside to cook. Bruno doesn’t come with cooking equipment as standard, so you’ll have to add the options or buy your own.You can use three ample cupboards, pockets, and shelves to store your belongings. Bruno also features windows with integrated blinds and mosquito nets, LED lighting, and a 12 V power supply and outlets as standard. A nice touch is the trailer’s roof rack, where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in the morning or use it to attach your gear.The list of add-ons is quite extensive. You can opt for solar panels on the roof, a skylight, an outdoor shower, and many more. Still, even in its base form, Kuckoo Camper Bruno is a cozy and sustainable micro camper with a simple yet practical design.11. Airstream BambiPhoto: Airstream

Dry Weight: 3,050 lbs. (1,383 kg)
Size: 16’1” x 8’ or 193 x 96 inches (490 x 244 centimeters)
Interior Height: 6″4′ or 76 inches (193 centimeters)
Price: starts at $60,400 (€57,053)

“Bambi” used to be the nickname for Airstream’s smallest single-axle travel trailers. In the meanwhile, it has become an official model, available in four floor plans, the smallest of which is 16 feet.Design-wise, Airstream’s trailers don’t need any introduction – they all have that semi-monocoque aluminum superstructure with a timeless, streamlined shape that will turn heads.On the exterior, the Bambi features a sizeable awning, a shower, and various compartments for storage.Regardless of the length, all models in the Bambi series can sleep up to four people inside due to a cleverly designed layout.Once inside, you’ll notice the walls and ceiling are made of aluminum. Even though the 16′ Bambi is relatively tiny, Airstream’s team still managed to fit various equipment, which might help you adventure for longer than a weekend. However, its weight is on the heavier side, tipping the scales at 3,050 lbs. (1,383 kg).There are many interior and exterior features, but I’ll synthesize them. You get a dinette area that can be transformed into a bedroom toward the front, with a galley in the middle of the van’s left side. On the opposite side, there’s a small shower, while the fixed bed sits at the rear of the trailer.The galley is equipped with a two-burner stove and a sink, while the bathroom features a removable hand-held shower and a toilet. Of course, to ensure the comfort of a conventional home, you also get various systems, such as a 23-gallon (87-liter) fresh water tank, a 30-gallon (114-liter) waste water tank, an A/C, and a ducted furnace.It’s safe to say that the Airstream Bambi is thoroughly equipped for many scenarios. However, you’ll have to empty quite a large sum to get your hands on this trailer, as its price starts at $60,400.12. Campworks NS-1Photo: Campworks

Dry Weight: 1,750 lbs. (794 kg)
Size: 12’8” x 7’5” or 152 x 89 inches (386 x 226 centimeters)
Interior Height: 4’6″ or 54 inches (137 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 7’ or 84 inches (213 centimeters)
Price: $65,000 (€61,400)

Campworks describes the NS-1, which stands for Nomadic System One, as “more than a camper; it is a mobile, off-road micro-grid.” In fact, this is an all-electric adventure trailer.The NS-1 features a one-piece composite body with a teardrop shape, built using recycled PET core material. With a ground clearance of 19″ (48 centimeters), a Timbren 3500 HD axle-less suspension, and 17″ TRD wheels, off-roading will be a breeze for the NS-1.Before we take a closer look at its interior and exterior features, let’s see what makes the NS1 a “microgrid.” It’s fitted with a 9,000 W inverter with 240 V and 120 V outlets. A cool thing is that the trailer has global charging, so it can be plugged into any outlet in the world.You’ll also find a 240 W fixed solar panel, a 12 kWh battery, breaker panels, and a setup that supports up to 1,600 W of plug-in solar.Its maker claims the NS-1 comes with the biggest kitchen in any teardrop camper, the Campworks Slide Kitchen, located at the trailer’s rear. It offers a ridiculous 9 feet (274 centimeters) of countertop space, a dual induction cooktop, a Dometic refrigerator, and various storage options. Moreover, a roof platform supports optional tent mounting, while a rear receiver can be used to add a bike/ski rack.To keep the interior nice and cozy, the NS-1 is fitted with 24 V, 1,500 BTU A/C, and a 1,500 W resistive electric heater with Tri-Zone ventilation for optimal airflow. Campworks says just one hour of solar exposure will keep you cool the entire day. Furthermore, there are more than 22 gallons (83 liters) of water onboard.Whatever you do inside the NS-1 is your business only, as acoustic wall panels will keep the sound indoors. You’ll discover heirloom quality cabinets and a seating area that can be transformed into a bedroom. What’s more, you get eight cubic feet of under-bed storage and five cubic feet of cabinet storage.The current price of the Campworks NS-1 is $65,000 (€61,400), which will increase to $75,000 (€70,845 ) in January 2024. Deliveries for it have already begun.13. Luna by inTechPhoto: inTech

Dry Weight: 1,800 lbs. (816 kg)
Size: 15’6” x 7’10” or 186 x 94 inches (472 x 239 centimeters)
Interior Height: 4’6” or 54 inches (137 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 7’1” or 85 inches (216 centimeters)
Price: starts at $22,482 (€21,237)

If a teardrop trailer and a travel trailer had a baby, it would probably look like the Luna by inTech RV, which combines the best of both vehicles.This trailer features an all-aluminum construction with fiberglass walls and roof. It’s available in two versions: Base and Rover, with the latter being more equipped and more off-road focused.At the rear, just like in most teardrop campers, you’ll discover the kitchen, featuring plenty of storage, a farmhouse sink, a two-burner stove, and a 12 V cooler, with a microwave available as an option.Heading inside, you’ll see that the Luna offers more room than a typical teardrop trailer – the panoramic windshield helps create the feeling of more space.At the front, the inTech team added a dinette with a table and under-seat storage, with seating in this setup available for four adults. To prepare the bedroom, you’ll have to rearrange the modular mattresses and backrests.inTech kept entertainment in mind by fitting a 32″ TV and an AM/FM Stereo. Moreover, an 8,000 BTU A/C will keep you cool during hotter days.There are several upgrade options available, such as a microwave. I’d say the best options you could go for are a fireplace (yes, you read that right) and a cassette toilet. Unfortunately, there was no room to fit a shower in the Luna.14. Taxa Outdoors TigerMothPhoto: Taxa Outdoors

Dry Weight: 1,310 lbs. (594 kg)
Size: 12’10” x 6’7” or 154 x 79 inches (391 x 201 centimeters)
Interior Height: 3’9” to 7’8” or 45 inches to 55 inches (114 to 140 centimeters)
Exterior Height: 6’8” or 80 inches (203 centimeters)
Price: starts at $24,000 (€22,670)

Another camper that can take whatever you throw at it is the TigerMoth – I know, that’s a peculiar name. It’s built with aluminum panels, has a ground clearance of 15 inches (38 centimeters), and rides on 15-inch steel wheels with all-terrain tires.Perhaps the best part about the TigerMoth is that it comes with an innovative door and hatch design. A large side hatch can open up the interior to nature. That means you’ll also have better ventilation and more space to load and unload stuff.This trailer has a lot of exterior storage, consisting of a front cargo step, roof cargo deck, and an optional tongue-mounted toolbox. Inside, you’ll find 12 cubic feet of under-bed storage.Its interior features birch plywood cabinetry and a full-size bed that can be converted to a lounge area with a removable cafe table.If you plan on going off-grid with this trailer, you can make use of a built-in electrical system, an external water system, and a pre-wired solar inlet. However, from what I can understand, you’ll have to purchase the electrical components, such as the solar panels and batteries, and there are only 5 gallons (19 liters) of water onboard in a NATO can.15. Rift Carbon CamperPhoto: Rift Carbon Campers

Dry Weight: 660 lbs. (300 kg)
Price: starts at $30,000 (€28,338)

I wanted to end this list with a bang, so here’s a really unique micro camper: the Rift Carbon Camper. You guessed it – this thing is not your typical teardrop camper; it’s built from carbon fiber.Its maker claims the Rift is the lightest teardrop trailer on the market, tipping the scales at a mere 660 lbs. (300 kg). It’s so light that its creator added a video on the official website showing the trailer towed by an electric longboard and even by a tiny tricycle. This translates into less wear and tear for your vehicle and better gas mileage.This camper is made in the USA using “aerospace-quality” pre-impregnated fiberglass and carbon fiber. Two versions are available: Utility Camper and Adventure Wagon. The former has a 500-lb. weight, while the Adventure Wagon tips the scales at 660 lbs. due to additional equipment. It boasts a bigger frame and larger suspension system, wheels, and tires.The Adventure Wagon is built on an aluminum frame, fully surrounded by protective bars. It sits on 15″ aluminum wheels connected to a Timbren axle-less 2,000-lb. (907-kg) suspension.At the rear, you’ll discover a space that could be your cooking space. I’m not calling it a kitchen, as the Rift doesn’t come with cooking equipment as standard, although you can add them as options. Instead, you get a Yeti portable power station and a refrigerator with a pass-through door leading inside the trailer.The interior comes with very basic standard equipment. You’ll notice a queen-size foldable mattress/sofa system, some lights, cup holders, and a roof vent fan.Many upgrade options are available, including battery systems, solar panels, awnings, roof racks, and more. The Rift Carbon Camper could serve as a fantastic base for your dream micro camper if you wish to modify it yourself.Just make sure your bank account is ready to take the hit, as the Utility Camper version costs $30,000 (€28,338), while the Adventure Wagon is offered for $40,000 (€37,784). These are exorbitant prices for a teardrop camper, but where else can you find a full carbon fiber build?ConclusionAnd there you have it, folks. I kept the list as diverse as possible, especially since our wants and needs differ significantly. So, are you ready to get your hands on a micro camper and explore the wilderness? If none of the models I mentioned above tickle your fancy, consider a larger home on wheels, such as a bigger trailer or a camper van.Let me know in the comments what your favorite micro camper is and if there’s any model we’ve missed that deserves a spot on our list.

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