Scorpion Casino’s Meteoric Rise: The Hottest Token In Presale $1.4 Million Raised

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Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) is on a meteoric rise as it becomes one of the hottest tokens in presale after raising $1.4 million.
Investors are rushing to this crypto-based casino that shares its revenues with all $SCORP holders on the network.
In addition, its deflationary mechanism has investors intrigued about its long-term prospects.
The presale is quickly hitting its end stages, and investors are starting to feel the FOMO as they rush to get positioned at rock-bottom prices.
Scorpion Casino Sees Meteoric Rise Due To Passive Income and Deflation – $1.4 Million Raised.

Scorpion Casino is seeing a meteoric rise due to its passive income provision that mixes dynamic deflation into the ecosystem.
As a result, investors are rushing to get positioned early because they believe it can provide long-term 100x returns for early adopters.
Scorpion Casino wants to become the future leading gaming platform that allows players to earn a daily yield based on the casino’s performance.
Therefore, as the casino grows in adoption, the daily passive staking income for $SCORP holders increases – providing up to $10,000 USDT in passive income.
The project is breaking down the barriers of entry to the casino industry, allowing everybody to become an owner by buying the $SCORP token.
The casino also integrates an affiliate system, where users can become independent bookmakers and the house.
To add confidence to the project, the team is KYC verified by Assure DeFi, and the smart tokens have been fully audited by Solidproof to be proven 100% secure.
With the global online gambling market surging, Scorpion Casino looks to become one of the first movers in the crypto-based sector to share its revenues with all users.
How Does $SCORP Deliver Passive Income?
The profits delivered by Scorpion Casino are intriguing because they’re uncorrelated with the market movements.
This means the passive income doesn’t diminish during bear markets as it’s generated through platform revenues.
The team will use up to 20% of the daily profits from the casino to buy back $SCORP tokens from the open market.

From the buybacks, 50% is distributed to all $SCORP stakers, providing them a passive income.
The other 50% is sent to a burner wallet to be removed from the circulating supply, introducing deflation into the ecosystem.
This combination of rising demand with a falling supply is why inventors believe $SCORP early adopters will see 100x returns.
Incubator Program Slated to Deliver 100x Returns Due to Highly-Polished Licensed Casino.
Another reason investors are increasingly feeling the FOMO is that Scorpion Casino recently secured a partnership with a high-profile incubator program.

The partnership is with Tenset, a crypto incubator that has helped crypto projects soar to unbelievable heights.
One project that came out of Tenset was Meta Hero ($HERO), a token that surged by over 100x at its peak, allowing the project to enter the top 250-ranked projects.
Investors believe this incubation program will help deliver the same 100x returns for $SCORP holders.
Furthermore, the casino is already created, and investors are impressed by its professional-grade quality that can rival casino giants.

The platform provides up to 200 games for titles like blackjack, poker, roulette, and slots through partnered major gaming providers like Evolution, NetEnt, and AMATIC.
The casino also has its own sportsbook that allows sports fans to place wagers on the outcome of their favorite sports games.
Through BetRadar, Scorpion Casino offers up to 30,000 betting options for major leagues in sports like football, basketball, tennis, boxing, and MMA.
Furthermore, the casino is already fully licensed after obtaining its credentials from the Curacao iGaming Licensing entity.
As a result, the casino is fully regulated and won’t have to worry about being put under scrutiny later when it becomes popular.
Get Positioned Today Before Prices Increase Further

The $SCORP presale continues to go from strength to strength after raising over $1.4 million.
$SCORP is the native token behind the platform, giving it a source of utility as it will be the exclusive payment method and default gambling currency throughout the ecosystem.
The presale is currently selling the token for a price of $0.019 in its ninth stage.
However, it’s using a rising pricing strategy, so the cost of the token is set to increase to $0.02 in the next stage.
Therefore, those getting positioned early will be positioned at lower prices and receive higher returns when the token is listed at $0.05.
Those investing more than $1,000 in $SCORP get to join the Elite Members Club, which provides cashback on the casino, VIP services, and a higher APY when staking.
There’s also a 20% bonus for those quoting Scorpion20 during their purchase.
Follow Scorpion Casino on Twitter and join the project’s Telegram channel.
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