Mosaic Digital announced the launch of its Mosaic Technology

Mosaic Digital announced the launch of its Mosaic Technology

Mosaic Digital Systems, the premier CRM for analyzing, managing, and scaling businesses performance marketing channels, is excited to announce the launch of its Mosaic Technology that provides microbands and SMBs with insights from over 13 affiliate networks, 64,000 affiliates, and 23 business verticals to help them scale their partnership marketing programs.
With over 1,000 eCommerce brands already served, Mosaic Digital Systems enables businesses to harvest the power of big data for affiliate partner recruitment, affiliate optimization, and competitive insights. Its new Mosaic Technology empowers businesses, such as microbands and SMBs, who may not have a high marketing budget or even a designated marketing department, to build sequences to automate workflow, connect with partners, deploy optimization campaigns, communicate with affiliates, and plan their next move.
The self-funded company was launched by adtech innovator Kyle Mitnick, who led affiliate advertising agency Advertise Purple to become the leader in affiliate program management, with more than 4,000 brands in 23 business verticals generating $4 billion in affiliate revenue.
“Mosaic will change what it means to be an expert affiliate marketer by giving brands the power to achieve scalable success on their own for the first time,” Mr. Mitnick said. “Using Mosaic will help brands of any size leverage precise targeting by identifying niche publishers that cater directly to their target audience, providing an unparalleled level of relevance and engagement compared to traditional marketing.”
The data-driven strategies provided by Mosaic Digital Systems offer businesses competitive insights, real-time affiliate matching with those that have the highest probability of success in their program, and automated optimization deployment that takes as much (or as little time) the business chooses to spend as the Mosaic Technology CRM is equipped to run on autopilot.
Additionally, what makes Mosaic Digital Systems so unique and effective is that Mosaic Technology can learn from the successes and failures to adjust future strategies while providing full insights into what was learned, why modifications should be made, and what is next.
“Mosaic’s data-driven approach is a complete game-changer in today’s market,” Mr. Mitnick said. “With real-time analytics and performance metrics, you can make informed decisions to optimize your partnerships to have the maximum impact. Mosaic empowers brands to stay agile, adjust strategies, and respond effectively to changing market dynamics.”
To find, recruit and grow their affiliate network, businesses can access the Mosaic Technology in a few simple steps. These include:


First, businesses need to connect to their existing affiliate program to Mosaic, which only takes a couple of clicks. If a business doesn’t yet have an affiliate program, they can contact Mosaic Digital Systems to set one up.


Once everything is connected, Mosaic will compare the performance of the business’s current affiliate program with thousands of others that are similar.


The technology will then provide suggestions for new affiliates, improved commission rates, proven campaign ideas, and an associated sales forecast.
Mosaic Digital Systems also supplies businesses with an extensive Affiliate Marketing Resources center that acts as a one-stop destination for expert insights, tips, and strategies to master the world of affiliate marketing.
Whether beginners are looking to kickstart their affiliate journey or a seasoned pro who wants to stay ahead of the curve, Mosaic Digital Systems’ range of articles will equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in the dynamic affiliate marketing field.

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