What Is A Digital Nomad? Everything To Know About This Traveling Lifestyle


Digital nomads are people who work remotely while traveling, driven by the desire to experience different cultures and explore beautiful destinations.

Choosing the right destination involves ensuring that it is legally allowed to visit, safe, and aligned with personal interests and preferences.

Becoming a digital nomad requires informing and convincing your employer, arranging a suitable workspace, considering financial capacity, and finding ways to avoid loneliness and isolation.

Whenever the word ‘nomad’ comes to mind, people quickly think of roaming different places around the world. Nomads are known to have no settled home. However, there is much more to it than that.
Over the past few years, the word “digital nomad” has been increasing in popularity, as more vacationers embrace the lifestyle, thanks to the enhancement in technology, allowing them to work remotely while touring some of the most trending destinations in the world. This kind of remote work comes with incredible perks, but managing the lifestyle can also be challenging. So, what is a digital nomad? Here is everything to know about this traveling lifestyle.
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What Is A Digital Nomad?


Digital nomad sitting on the shore

In simple terms, a digital nomad is a person who works remotely while traveling. What usually drives people to become digital nomads is the desire to experience different cultures, while exploring some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.
One can stick to a particular location for a while, usually a few weeks or a month, before moving to another place. Other people choose to move frequently, but the fact remains that they depend on remote jobs to finance any travel-related activities.
Some digital nomads cross the border, while others opt for dreamy vacation alternatives that are right in the U.S. Some of the most popular cities for digital nomads include Lake Tahoe in Nevada, Boulder in Colorado, and Austin in Texas.

Popular cities in the U.S. for digital nomads: Lake Tahoe in Nevada, Boulder in Colorado, and Austin in Texas.

How To Become A Digital Nomad
Looking to become a digital nomad for the first time? Here’s where to start.
Choose The Right Destination For You

Image by Matthias Zeitler from Pixabay

A digital nomad at work

The first step one needs to take to become a digital nomad is choosing a destination one wants to visit. Whether it is one of the world’s most expensive cities or mountainous regions in the U.S., one should settle on a place first before beginning their digital adventure. When choosing the right destination, visitors should take the following into consideration:
Ensure You Are Legally Allowed To Visit The Destination
It is important to ensure that one has all the requirements needed to visit a certain destination. One should have a valid passport. They should check before traveling to ensure it is up-to-date.
When it comes to visas, requirements vary from one location to another. Some countries offer digital nomads with specialized visas. In some destinations, work visas may be the way to go.

Digital nomads also need to have health insurance when visiting certain countries.

Requirements for being a digital nomad: Visa, valid passport, and health insurance.

Ensure You Choose A Safe Location
While ensuring a destination is legally allowed to visit, digital nomads should also ensure that the destination they are choosing is safe. For instance, LGBTQ+ travelers may feel unsafe and unwelcome in some destinations.
While rights are protected in some parts of the world, like the United States and Western Europe, digital nomads in the LGBTQ+ community may not feel uncomfortable in some locations. That is why they need to opt for some of the best destinations for LGBTQ tourism.
On a similar note, when traveling solo in Africa, choose one of the top African destinations for solo travelers. These places are considered the safest for vacationers touring the continent on their own.
Ensure It is The Place You Will Enjoy Visiting


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After considering whether a location is legal and safe to visit, it is time to put one’s personal interests when it comes to adventure, into consideration.
Prefer cities with the most vibrant nightlife in the United States or some of the world’s most impressive beach destinations? Prefer a place where there wouldn’t be a language barrier or where they offer some of their favorite dishes?
Digital nomads should ensure they choose a destination based on what they really want to experience.
It Is Time To Get Your Employer On Board? When one has settled on a safe place that they will enjoy traveling to while doing remote jobs, it is important to inform one’s employer about the interest in becoming a digital nomad, but that’s not always easy.
It begins with a tourist finding out if their current role is possible to do remotely. What follows is coming up with a detailed plan, explaining how that is going to work.
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From there, request for a face-to-face meeting with the boss and present the case for remote work. This entails explaining the benefits of being a digital nomad and how the organization will benefit from it.
Do other competitive companies offer similar opportunities to their employees? Would working remotely while traveling affect productivity? Provide incredible information supporting your case.

Important Things To Consider Before Becoming A Digital Nomad


A digital nomad, working from a hotel in Greece

If the case for becoming a digital nomad is approved, one should also ensure to include other things that will enable them to have a smooth experience of the lifestyle.
One of the things to arrange for is a workspace, which depends on the type of remote work one is doing. For a freelance writer, a reliable internet connection, a laptop, and lighting equipment are enough to get started.
One should consider their financial capacity to fund this lifestyle. Also, it is wise to have a plan B if anything, like being mugged or a credit card refusing to work while on tour.
Digital nomads should conform to their banks about their travel policies.

Put emergency cash aside in case a travel or other emergency happens.

Try To Avoid Loneliness And Isolation That Comes With Being A Digital Nomad Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges that digital nomads face, yet very few people talk about it. This beautiful lifestyle comes with isolation and loneliness that one can avoid by joining a community of like-minded individuals with similar interests.
This is definitely a hard thing to do because it’s never a guarantee that there are other digital nomads people can easily connect to while they are abroad. The best thing to do is to take part in some of the events and festivals happening in a given city.

Try websites like Nomad List and Meetup to meet like-minded individuals to connect to while in a new place.

While Being A Digital Nomad, Travel Responsibly


 A digital nomad working online

Digital nomads or those aspiring to be digital nomads can learn to not just be passers-by in the destinations they visit. Practicing ecotourism while enjoying this lifestyle will leave a positive impact on the natural areas one chooses to explore during their adventures.

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Benefits Of Becoming A Digital Nomad


A digital nomad working with a view of a volcano in front of him

Tourists who want to adopt this lifestyle will enjoy amazing benefits, including the fact that they can work from any location in the globe. This makes traveling easy and enjoyable, as long as funds are there to finance one’s operations.
Another great advantage of becoming a digital nomad is working within one’s own schedule. As long as the work is done and productivity is maintained, these individuals can work when they want to.
Digital nomads enjoy plenty of networking opportunities, which enable them to land even greater career opportunities and build new connections.


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