The 5 best Forex affiliate programs

The 5 best Forex affiliate programs

Forex, or foreign exchange, trading is a booming industry. Driven by a rise in people interested in investing and trading, the sector has seen exponential growth alongside other alternative investment options like cryptocurrency.
Affiliate marketers have identified this industry as a potentially lucrative opportunity, with many taking steps to join some of the many affiliate programs available and take advantage of this burgeoning sector. Let’s take a closer look at what Forex trading is and at some of the best programs available for affiliate marketers.
What is Forex trading?
Forex trading is the name given to the process of selling one type of currency while purchasing another. To make a profit, traders must make accurate predictions about market behavior and currency movements, preempting these changes to profit from the buying and selling of various currencies.
Forex traders conduct their business via brokers, which are financial companies that act as a marketplace for traders to purchase, sell, and trade a range of currencies. Many of these brokers will charge users transaction fees for using the platform.
There is a vast number of different Forex brokers out there, with many implementing affiliate programs to get an edge in what is an increasingly competitive market. Let’s take a look at some of the best of these programs and discuss what each can offer affiliate marketers.
Calling itself a “global, multi-asset CFD broker”, Vantage prides itself on its ability to offer clients a powerful CFD trading service for Forex and others. Partner programs offered by Vantage are tailor-made for each client to reach the highest potential. You can choose between CPA Affiliates for people with a strong online presence or Introducing Broker (IB) for people with a strong trader audience.
The benefits of working with Vantage include a highly competitive commission and payout structure, a loyalty and promotional program, PAMM/MAM solutions for fund managers and beginner-friendly programs and ongoing support.

Libertex is an award-winning brand, with more than 25 years of experience in the financial markets. Its online trading platform provides access to Forex, as well as stocks, cryptocurrencies and commodities.
The brand’s attractive offers, promotions and market-leading resources for traders give their affiliate partners a major uplift in new user sessions, engagement, and conversions, resulting in consistent payouts thanks to the powerful Libertex affiliate program.

You can create your Libertex affiliate account in seconds and gain access to all of the marketing materials and affiliate conversion tracking assets to motor and optimise performance. By signing-up, you will benefit from efficient and reliable payouts via your preferred payment method and precise statistics to enable you to track your traffic. There’s also the provision of multilingual assets, high-converting banners, landing pages and other marketing materials and a CPA plan with lucrative commissions. Libertex affiliates will receive a fixed commission for each qualified trader – up to $1200.
Sign-up here to become a Libertex affiliate partner and begin to monetise your site traffic, today.

Founded in 2008, Exness is an established Forex broker with over 300,000 global users. Its affiliate program is one of the most extensive currently available in the industry, with a range of tools and systems in place to support its affiliates.
Client referrals who deposit up to $1770 on the platform will earn affiliates a commission of $25, while commission per action can reach as high as 40% depending on trading volume related to affiliate referrals.
Exness offers affiliates regular and straightforward payouts, with individualized account management and round the clock support. Additionally, Exness provides a range of marketing materials to boost its affiliates’ strategies, including logos, widgets, banners, and other marketing materials.
Admiral Markets
Admiral Markets is one of the best-known Forex brokers, the company has been around for nearly two decades. What’s more, Admiral Market charges no commission fees for traders, making it an attractive choice for newcomers to Forex trading.
Affiliates who successfully drive traffic to Admiral Markets can expect to see commission fees of between 30% and 40%, with payouts of up to $600 per referral. Affiliates are paid weekly and have 24/7 access to a dedicated affiliate portal with a range of marketing materials available.
Founded in 2007, eToro brands itself as a social trading platform and boasts 25 million users worldwide. Affiliates join eToro’s partners program which comes in three distinct tiers. Each of these tiers comes with varying benefits and offers a range of commission per action rates. Tier 3 offers $100, tier 2 $200, while tier 3 offers affiliates $250.
Additionally, eToro offers all affiliates training and educational resources to help them optimize their affiliate strategy and maximize results.
For newcomers to the affiliate marketing world, Forex trading affiliates programs might appear too technical, specialized, and niche to be suitable for beginners. However, many Forex programs are more straightforward than you might expect, with some offering full training to support and guide new affiliates.
While it is a smaller industry than beauty or fitness products, for example, choosing to join a Forex affiliate program can offer a range of benefits and give you access to a growing, focused demographic.
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