Save Forests While Earning Passive Income – Chimpzee is Every Wildlife Lover’s Dream Come True

Save Forests While Earning Passive Income – Chimpzee is Every Wildlife Lover’s Dream Come True

Wildlife conservation is the need of the hour. 
Not just because animals and plants are amazing. But also because they’re key to our survival on the planet. Anyone who is under the impression that humans, being an intelligent species, can make it without the broader nature around them, is delusional. 
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we need wildlife more than we need technology. 
Chimpzee is a new project that has found a way to save wildlife using the latest technology. In this article, we will take a closer look at the project and how it sets a model for wildlife conservation, factoring in human psychology for better results. 

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— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) August 27, 2023

We tend to disregard threats we perceive as distant 
Forests across different parts of the world are in ruins. If poaching was the major challenge a few decades back, climate change and unchecked wood-cutting pose the biggest threat now. 
Many of the wildlife species – both fauna and flora – will be extinct in a matter of a few years if we don’t figure out a solution soon. 
Climate action and afforestation are easier said than done. They sound good on paper, but few of us have the time or resources to make a serious contribution to the mission. How many times have we felt deeply inspired after watching a video of cute baby pandas that are on the verge of extinction? 
The very next day, we will drive our fossil-fuel car to a supermarket nearby and bring home a ton of groceries, each item wrapped in one or more plastic covers. Of course, we can’t buy an EV car overnight. But we could be more conscious about the plastic we consume. We had the choice to not buy that chic t-shirt that we know we will throw out in a few days. We could choose an e-bill instead of a paper bill. 
The list is endless, but you get the drift. 
We are too lazy to make a conscious decision that will favor our planet’s future. Amid the hasty daily life that takes up most of our mental space, it is difficult to worry about climate change and how it will affect us ten years down the line. 
Moreover, we are plagued by whether our small actions really matter. 
We need rewards – the quicker it is, the better
The promise of a safer and healthier future is not good enough to knock us out of our comfort zones and take action. This is the key reason why climate awareness programs fail to make any tangible results. 
Chimpzee addresses the problem.
The wildlife conservation initiative focuses on urging participants to join the movement in exchange for attractive passive income. Rewards bring more engagement and enthusiasm to the mission. 

Most of us are deeply concerned about the state of our planet. But we don’t have the time or resources to directly make a contribution. The majority, on the other hand, are unconcerned about the issue. Waiting for them to attain enlightenment and then take action will prove to be fatal. 
This is where Chimpzee steps in. It has three pillars, each offering diverse sources of passive, fun income. 

Shop 2 Earn – Showcases iconic merchandise that underscores your commitment to combating climate change and animal cruelty. 

Play 2 Earn – A captivating and enjoyable game that offers premium prizes based on your in-game performance. 

Trade 2 Earn – An NFT marketplace that empowers you to earn a portion of trading fees by actively participating in NFT trading.

These three platforms enable you to earn rewards in CHMPZ coins, the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, through shopping, gaming, or trading. You can improve your potential rewards across these platforms by holding Chimpzee NFT Passports. A portion of the profits generated by the ecosystem will be donated to initiatives that parallel Chimpzee’s environment and wildlife goals. 
Even before launching its token, Chimpzee has undertaken three impactful initiatives:

Planted 1200 trees to aid in the restoration of the Brazilian rainforest.
Donated $15,000 towards the preservation of elephants.
Contributed to the planting of 20,000 trees in Guatemala.

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— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) August 28, 2023

Why Chimpzee NFT Passports are highly coveted this year
Here is a quick look at some of the benefits you’ll gain access to by purchasing and holding Chimpzee NFT passports:

20% APY: Stake your NFT and earn a potential annual yield of up to 20%.

More rewards: Get additional CHMPZ tokens when you buy Chimpzee merchandise.

More share: Receive a larger portion of the profits pool from NFT Marketplace trading fees.

Gaming edge: Enjoy advantages within the Zero Tolerance Game and earn more CHMPZ coins.

Early access to premium NFTs: Secure early access to the Diamond and Gold series NFTs for more rewards and benefits.

The CHMPZ tokens used for purchasing NFT Passports are burned. That supports the token’s price dynamics in the open market. Categorized into four tiers, The NFT passports can be Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. They have yet to be launched and are scheduled to go live after the CHMPZ token sale.
How to join Chimpzee?
The best way into Chimpzee is the ongoing CHMPZ presale, which is in the third phase at the time of writing. The presales also give access to the NFT sale white lists that will go live after the token presale. 
The presale features discounted prices and presents the best gateway into the NFT collection and the Chimpzee ecosystem. It is rapidly approaching an early sell-out, as a result. If you want to secure the tokens at cheap prices, you need to hurry. 
Moreover, the earlier you participate in the presale, the greater the potential for returns and benefits. 

According to industry analysts, CHMPZ is poised for an 8X to 10X surge this year due to the wide scope for brand and govt partnerships. 

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