Remote Worker Warns Against ‘Boring’ Entry-Level Jobs

“Be careful what you wish for” or “the grass is greener on the other side” are sayings that can be directly applicable to the sentiments a work-from-home employee has towards her “mindless” remote job.

TikToker Jasmeen Veleez (@jasmeen.veleez) warned folks against nabbing a secure position that gives them the freedom to work from anywhere while performing easy tasks. However, she says she feels she’s wasting her life sitting in front of a screen.

She also added that due to the nature of her work, she is easily replaced, suggesting that job security isn’t exactly guaranteed with her position. The remote employee posted about her experiences with the gig in a viral TikTok that’s garnered over 252,000 views as of Friday.

@jasmeen.veleez Guys IK there are worse jobs out there but this is MY reality doing data entry all day is extremelt draining and BORING. As humans we need something stimulating.. to anyone who is looking for a job like this.. be aware!! #workfromhome #remote #entryleveljob #job #dataentry ♬ original sound – JASMEEN

“So I’m working right now, I work from home,” she begins. “I know all the girlies want a job that’s work from home and it’s easy and you get to chill literally in your bedroom and they supply you with your computer, you know it sounds like sunshine and rainbows right? Let me tell you, they’re probably gonna have you do data entry or some basic sh*t where you’re super replaceable and it’s just mindless work.”

Veleez says that while many people would probably think that this takes the cake compared to working in the food service industry, however, according to her, there are downsides.

Chief among them, according to the TikToker, is mental fatigue.

“And yes, oh my God, that’s so much better than working in food service or anything else that pays pretty low but let me tell you, my brain is fried,” Veleez says. “And I feel like I have so much more potential than to be working on spreadsheets, making calls for people, I’m an assistant, like it’s really getting to me.”

She reiterates that while it’s a very easy job, it’s still draining because all of the work is “very repetitive and tedious.”

“I don’t wanna have to be plugging in numbers and copying and pasting from a spreadsheet entering data all day every single day for eight hours,” she says. “It sounds so easy but trust me, your brain, like, my brain is tired. My brain feels like I can be doing so much more than just staring at a screen for that long.”

Viewers had a litany of different opinions when it came to working these gigs, with many of them in favor of remote positions. One said that jobs that require a certain “auto-pilot” mode are good for people who have other hustles they’re trying to get going.

“I think this is good if you have outside ambitions like owning your own business doing things on Fiverrr etc,” a top comment read.

However, another person argued that every single job suffers from this same type of mental fatigue, writing, “Every job has potential to be repetitive and brain frying eventually. I’ll take a WFH anyday.”

One other user speculated that if they had a job that allowed them to not engage their brain all day, it would somehow reserve their mental fortitude for other activities later.

“See I have a job where I have to use my brain all day and would love this because then I can use my brain for my real life/hobbies!” they shared.

Another benefit a different TikToker listed? Not having to commute. “Anything to not drive on traffic,” a user said,

This was a sentiment echoed by someone else who penned, “But having a remote job is so convenient & you have time to do laundry during ur breaks, not have to rush in the mornings etc.”

Forbes reported that, according to analytics published by Upwork, the number of remote jobs in the United States will increase to a whopping 32.6 million positions by 2025, which will account for 22% of the country’s entire workforce.

Many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic converted their operations to make concessions for office employees to work from home. And long after government mandates issued in response to the fervor fomented over COVID-19 were lifted, a number of companies have decided to keep remote working positions/schedules for their employees.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Veleez via email for further comment.

*First Published: Sep 22, 2023, 10:50 am CDT

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