Presale with a Purpose: Chimpzee’s Rise as a Charitable Passive Income Generator

Chimpzee is one of the only Web3 presales with a purpose, as it aims to raise charity contributions while simultaneously providing holders with a passive income.
The presale is witnessing a remarkable rise to prominence as new investors learn of the earning potential behind the project while seeing the notable contributions already made by Chimpzee.
The project has planted over 20,000 trees and provided considerable transparent funding to help save animals on the brink of extinction.
Its next target is the Australian Rainforest, and you can help by pushing the presale beyond the $1.4 million milestone.
Chimpzee is a Presale With a Purpose
The Chimpzee presale is one of the only Web3 projects that’s positively impacting the world.
The project is on a mission to prove that Web3 technology can be used to make a positive contribution while still providing the return on investment that investors expect in the industry.

The goal behind the project is to raise awareness regarding the seriousness of climate change and global warming, as thousands of animal species are threatened with extinction if something isn’t done.
To help fight the devastation, Chimpzee has created a Web3 ecosystem that raises financial contributions for charities that help to protect animals and fight deforestation.
As a result, the ecosystem provides a path for investors to make money while doing their part to save nature and fight climate change.
The premise behind the project has already started to gather significant attention as the presale pushes beyond the $1.3 million milestone – demonstrating the increasing hype behind the project.
Overall, Chimpzee is the first Web3 project that can disrupt how people contribute to charity by offering three distinct ways for people to earn a passive income.
Passive Income Mixed With Charity Through Three Avenues
The ecosystem consists of three pillars that create three separate avenues for a passive income for $CHMPZ holders.

The first pillar is the shop-to-earn Chimp Store, which allows users the potential to earn $CHMPZ tokens for purchasing Chimpzee gear.
This pillar forms the ecosystem’s commerce center, offering a range of unique merchandise that represents your support for the battle against climate change and animal extinction.
The best part is that a percentage of profits go directly to charity.
The second pillar is the trade-to-earn NFT Marketplace. Here, users can buy a range of environmentally-focused NFTs that help to raise funds for holders and charities.
The unique aspect of the Chimpzee NFT Marketplace is that it’s the first to share a portion of all the trading fees with all investors in the ecosystem.
The final pillar is the play-to-earn Zero Tolerance game, which allows users to earn $CHMPZ tokens when they reach certain milestones.
This entertainment center is called Zero Tolerance because it pays homage to the fight against poachers and deforestation.
The Chimpzee NFT Passports help to tie these components together.
Those who want to receive the maximum passive income in the ecosystem must own one of the Chimpzee NFT Passports.
The passports come in three tiers and offer varying rewards;

All investors in the $CHMPZ presale can buy and mint a Chimpzee NFT Passport following the presale using their $CHMPZ tokens.
The tokens used to purchase the NFTs will be burnt – reducing the overall circulating supply.
Giveaways and Donations Already Making an Impact
What makes Chimpzee stand out from its competition is the fact that the project has already started to make considerable donations to charity – even with the project still in its presale phase.
For example, the project has already made donations to One Tree Planted to plant 1,000 trees in Brazil and another 20,000 trees in Guatemala;

What an amazing accomplishment! 🤩🌳 We are so happy to support you and get these trees planted🌱🌎
— One Tree Planted (@onetreeplanted) June 15, 2023
Furthermore, it’s also made sizable contributions to the WILD Foundation to help save animals on the brink of extinction.
The best part about these donations is that they’re completely verifiable as they’re facilitated through the Giving Block – an organization that helps to send crypto donations to charity.
One donation was for $15,000 to help provide funding to the rangers who are protecting one of the last herds of desert-adapted Elephants from poachers;

Chimpzee Makes the News and Appears on CoinTelegraph!
— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) May 25, 2023
They made another considerable donation to WILD Foundation of $20,000 to help the Yawanawa people save the last few black jaguars in the Brazilian Rainforest;

Hey #ChimpzeeArmy! 🐵🌟
🎉We have just made a $20,000 donation to the @wildfoundation to support their remarkable efforts in saving and protecting the majestic black jaguar!🐆❤️
Join our #Presale and help us achieve our next donation!✨🌍
— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) July 14, 2023
As you can see, Chimpzee isn’t a project that’s all talk and no action. It’s a wholesome project making a difference in the world, and all of its donations are entirely transparent – something which has previously eluded charity projects in the Web3 sector.
Invest Today and Save the Australian Rainforest
Chimpzee recently announced its next charitable target – the Australian Rainforest.

📷📷Help us protect 1000 sq meters of the Australian rainforest!See what we have done.⬇️
📢We are going to make a big announcement to help us reach this goal when we hit 1,350,000.
💪We are less than 10K away! 👏
⌛️Take advantage of the current bonus…
— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) September 15, 2023
The team has stated that they will provide funding to protect 1,000 square meters of land in the Australian Rainforest once the presale hits the $1.4 million milestone.
You can do your part today by investing in the presale and pushing the project toward that milestone while simultaneously earning a passive income.
The presale is currently in the eleventh stage, selling the token for $0.001.
Those who invest earlier benefit the most as the presale uses a rising pricing strategy. For example, the price of $CHMPZ is expected to reach as high as $0.0011 by the thirteenth stage and will continue to rise throughout the presale.
Therefore, those who invest earlier can benefit from the lower prices and leave the presale with higher unrealized returns.
Overall, investing in $CHMPZ will let you make a positive contribution to the project while allowing you to earn from the passive income and make a potential 10x return once the project launches.
Buy CHMPZ Today
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