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Everyone out there is looking for some kind of edge when it comes to their careers.
A little something that will make their jobs and their lives easier.
And “lazy girl jobs” seem to be all the rage these days.
In a nutshell, they’re usually remote jobs that don’t require a whole lot of effort and that allow the people who do them to, well, not put out a whole of effort.
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And this viral TikTok video shows two young women working their lazy girl jobs that they portray as a real piece of cake.
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The text overlay on the video reads, “Us chilling at our lazy girl jobs at both 19 and 17 getting paid well above minimum wage just to answer calls all day wearing anything we want ordering food whenever we want and still have people bringing us free food and drinks every lunch.”
Sounds alright…
Photo Credit: TikTok
Take a look at the video.

@tashathekid life is great #lazyjob #job #fyp #foryou #receptionist ♬ Summer Background Jazz – Jazz Background Vibes

Here’s how people reacted.
One person has a totally opposite experience.
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Another TikTokker said they wish they’d taken their receptionist job more seriously.
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And this individual said their receptionist job is totally STRESSFUL.
Photo Credit: TikTok
Not all jobs are created equal.

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