Hybrid jobs surge as remote jobs plummet

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Dive Brief:

The number of job postings including the term “hybrid work” rose 29% in the second quarter of 2023 compared to the same period last year, according to a report by GlobalData released Monday. 
Meanwhile, job ads with “remote work” and “work from home” declined from this time last year, the report found.
“Overall interest in hybrid roles has remained intact as companies seem to be trying to strike a balance between complying with return-to-office requirements and offering work flexibility as well. Businesses across certain industries are weighing more on offering flexibility in work, resulting in an uptick in hybrid roles,” said Sherla Sriprada, a business fundamentals analyst at GlobalData.

Dive Insight:
When it comes to return-to-office plans, companies and employees need to strike a balance, recent reports find. 
While about 22% of U.S. companies with remote-capable workers said they want employees to return to work, only 15% of those workers want to go back into the office, an August report by the Integrated Benefits Institute found.
About a third of workers who were mandated to return to the office said their likelihood of staying with the company had decreased, according to a June report by The Conference Board. And some employees are refusing to return, the report found. While more than half of companies are requiring or strongly encouraging employees to work from the office, 80% are still working from home or keeping a hybrid schedule.
Workers in North America are working from the office less than their counterparts in other countries, according to an August report by AWA, a global workplace consultancy. The global average is 1.75 days per week, while in North America it is 1.45 days per week. And, while office attendance increased to an average of 35% globally, in North America it remained unchanged, the report found.


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