These Are 10 WFH Remote Jobs You Can Do Without Prior Experience

Numerous work-from-home opportunities are available for entry-level positions, even if you lack direct experience. 

Instead, you can leverage transferable skills, such as communication and project management, which can be acquired without a degree or extensive work history. 

These skills are often developed through school, part-time jobs, or regular daily activities at home. 

Here are a few excellent remote job options that do not necessitate prior experience:

1. Online English Teacher

You will be teaching students whose first language is not English as an online English teacher. These may be younger children learning a second language or working adults who want to improve their communication skills.

Some employers require teaching experience and references, while others only need native English speakers who enjoy interacting with students.

Average salary: $42,870 (Glassdoor)

2. Tutor

For people who are still in school or do not yet have experience working full-time, tutoring is a convenient alternative. You can tutor as long as you have knowledge in a particular subject area.

Tutoring is ideal for both students and anyone looking for a part-time job, as it offers a lot of freedom.

Keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree can be beneficial if your student is still in high school or college.

Average salary: Most tutoring roles have hourly pay. The average pay in the U.S. is $24.20 per hour (Indeed).

3. Copy Editor

Editing for grammar, accuracy, tone of voice, and flow is done by copy editors. You should also expect final drafts of text to be proofread before publication.

Copy editors are employed by many companies on a freelance basis. Focus on companies that produce a lot of material (like online magazines or marketing agencies) if you are looking for a full-time position.

There are a few transferable skills that can help you land a job as a proofreader besides spelling and grammar.

Average salary: $44,968 (Glassdoor)

4. Social Media Coordinator

As a Social Media Coordinator, you will help manage a company’s social media networks. This includes writing and scheduling posts, interacting with followers and commenters, and monitoring the effectiveness of your material.

It is important that you are familiar with all major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as different companies will focus on different social media channels.

Average salary: $41,607 (Glassdoor)

5. Copywriter

Copywriters write concise, clear copy for a variety of marketing materials. While the terms “content writer” and “copywriter” are often used interchangeably, copywriters focus on short copy such as advertising and social media posts.

Think of it this way: a copywriter’s job is to get the user to take action (buy something, sign up for a newsletter, etc.), while a content writer’s job is to raise awareness of a brand or product.

Average salary: $47,213 (Glassdoor)

6. Technical Writer

Technical writers make difficult topics understandable to the general public. In this position, you might work on instruction manuals, software manuals, brochures, and other educational materials.

Although previous experience in the specific field you are writing about can be helpful, there are entry-level jobs for technical writers.

If you have writing talent but no experience, you should create an online portfolio and include writing samples with your resume.

Average salary: $65,052 (Glassdoor)

7. Freelance Writer

There are many freelance opportunities available for talented writers. However, you usually do not need formal training or experience (unless you are writing about a highly specialized field). Instead, you will likely need to provide writing samples to potential clients.

8. Content Writer

When you think of “freelance writers,” you probably think of “content writers” They write long online content such as blog posts and website copy. Successful content writers write copy that drives traffic to your website and builds awareness of your brand.

Although it’s not always necessary, it can be useful to have experience with search engine optimization (SEO). However, there are a number of free courses available on sites like HubSpot and Semrush if you want to improve your SEO skills.

Average salary: $46,443 (Glassdoor)

9. Customer Service Representative

Another option for people who want to work from home is customer service. Typically, a customer service representative assists customers via phone, email, or chat.

Customer service teams are a must-have for any business that sells goods or services, making them a great way to get a foothold in a long-term growth-oriented business or sector.

Average salary: $36,335 (Glassdoor)

10. Transcriptionist

If you have a natural gift for typing, you would probably make an excellent transcriptionist. The only thing left to do is faithfully translate audio to text. You can transcribe audio from podcasts, TV episodes, and other media.

If you are looking for a part-time job or want to save some extra cash, transcription opportunities are usually part-time or freelance.

You can find transcription jobs on websites like Upwork, Scribie, Rev, and TranscribeMe.

Average salary: $39,355 (Glassdoor)

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