The Top 6 Websites to Find Part-Time and Temporary Work Online

A lot of people are looking for part-time and temporary work. Whether it’s because you already have a full-time job and are looking for a side hustle or you’re looking for something flexible because of personal obligations, there are websites you can go to that can help you find the type of employment you’re looking for.

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Temporary and part-time employment differ in that temporary work can be full-time hours but for a short period. In contrast, part-time work means fewer hours than a full-time employee. You may prefer one to the other, depending on the type of commitment you want to make.

When you search for a job with TaskRabbit, the platform allows you to see the potential income you can earn by offering your services, depending on your location. To get started, you need to create an account. While you can start the process on your computer, you’ll need to complete the process using your mobile device via the app.

You can search for jobs by location and job type. The site asks you to select the skills you have to do the job you’ve chosen to look for, and you have over 50 different categories of services you can offer. With TaskRabbit, you can find temporary work that leads to permanent part-time.

If you’re wary of job sites that collect a commission on your fees, you’ll be happy to hear that you keep 100% of what you charge, including any tips earned. There is a $25 registration fee when you register for an account.

TaskRabbit can handle your invoicing and receive payment through its secure payment system. If you’re considering freelancing as another option, you may be interested in a freelancer’s guide to alternative payment methods (APMs).

With Upwork, you can offer services by pitching for projects posted on the platform that fits your expertise and time commitment. If you’re worried about the validity of the projects, it may help to know that Upwork was voted the number one freelance platform in 2021.

Upwork boasts of signing over 49,000 contracts weekly, earning users $2.3 billion in 2020. The platform offers payment security with payments at project milestones for fixed-price projects and weekly payments for hourly-rate projects.

While creating a profile on Upwork is free, they charge a 10% service fee on money earned via the platform. Once you create your profile, you can bid for jobs. You can also get help from recruiters who can help you find the opportunities you seek.

If you’re looking for remote temporary or part-time work, then FlexJobs is an excellent website. The site has been offering remote job site services since 2007, and what makes it unique is that each job is hand-screened to verify legitimacy.

The website has a team that spends over 200 hours a day verifying every job and writing job descriptions, so they know who’s hiring. The site also offers live events and webinars to help job seekers through their journey.

There is a fee to get access to the jobs on the site. You can get access for 14 days for $2.95 or a monthly pass for $5.95. You can take advantage of the annual plan and save 77% when you pay $71.40.

FlexJobs offers 1-on-1 personalized career coaching services, mock interviews, and resume reviews for purchase. If you’re looking for a temporary or part-time job for additional income, you may be interested in learning about apps that will help you find a side job instantly.

Catalant is a platform that specializes in providing consultants and boutique consultancy services. When you create an account on the platform, you’re considered a partner, and as a partner, you can find projects that require various roles.

The types of roles posted on the site include sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting, business analytics, supply chain management, digital transformation and technology, and sales and marketing. Before you can apply for any role on the site, you need to apply.

Your application is to become a verified independent consultant. The website has a team that checks you out to ensure your background aligns with their customers’ needs before they give you access. The process takes 2 to 5 days to complete.

The duration of work on this platform can vary, ranging from several weeks to months or even years. Payment is handled via the platform, not directly from the client, and Catalant charges between 20% and 30% of the total project fees.

The fees are determined by contractual terms prenegotiated with the client. You may be interested in learning about the top contract management software if you have various contracts for your work.

Adzuna is a job site that has a unique feature that allows you to upload your resume and let its artificial intelligence determine how much your salary should be. The site’s AI will also analyze your resume providing an overall score, checking for spelling mistakes, the quality of the file name, and your use of capital letters.

The site offers different career options based on your resume, giving you a percentage of how much your skills match the job requirements. You can find job opportunities based on your resume and use the filters to choose whether you want to see contract or part-time positions.

There aren’t any fees to search for jobs on Adzuna. Like most job sites, the organizations posting the jobs pay the fees. You may be interested in learning about the free sites to simplify your job search and get hired faster.

We work remotely claims to be the largest remote work community in the world, with over 4.5 million visitors. You can search for opportunities in nine categories, including contract work.

You can do quick searches based on the lists the site has provided. Those lists include the top remote job searches, 100 remote companies, and trending remote jobs.

We Work Remotely is another site that doesn’t charge job seekers a fee to search and apply for jobs. The site offers a Learning Portal where you can find an online community and remote-focused events.

Your Next Temporary or Part-Time Job Is Waiting for You
You can visit numerous sites when looking for a part-time or temporary job. Some specialize in remote work, others in professional positions, so you have options depending on what you’re looking for.

More employers are opting to hire employees on a temporary or part-time basis as a cost-effective business operation strategy. Whether you seek part-time or temporary work for extra income or value flexibility, there’s a position out there that caters to your needs.

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