I make £46k a year thanks to my simple side hustle – it’s mad when you realise I only work two hours a day

A WOMAN has revealed that she was struggling for money and couldn’t pay her mortgage, so decided to look for an alternative way to earn some cash.
And now, she explained that she only has to work between two to three hours a day thanks to her savvy side hustle.
2A mother has revealed that she makes over £46,000 a year and only has to work two hours a day, thanks to her simple side hustleCredit: makingmoneywithmama
2Posting on TikTok, the woman wants to teach others how to do the same too, as she explained how you could make your fortune with affiliate marketingCredit: makingmoneywithmama
Not only this, but she makes over £46,000 a year with her simple side hustle, and is now sharing with others how to do the same too.
Posting on TikTok under the username @makingmoneywithmama, the mother explained: “We were so broke that we could no longer afford our mortgage payments.”
But now, she claims to make $5,000 [£3,848] a month, equivalent to £46,179 a year, with her side hustle.
The side hustle is focused on creating passive income through Pinterest marketing with affiliate marketing. 

In one clip, the social media user explained: “Yes, you can make $5,000 dollars a month using Pinterest, even if you have no following.
“And how is this positive? Because like YouTube or Google, Pinterest is just another search engine.
“That means if you’re using proper keywords that people are searching for, your content will be seen.
“And it won’t just go viral and die off like everything on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

“You can make idea pins or regular Pinterest pins and link them to affiliate offers to earn commissions.”
In another video, the young mum opened up in more depth about how to make money online. 
She said: “I have cracked the code to making passive income, so now I make money on autopilot, or with very little time invested.
“Now, here’s the disclaimer. You do have to put work in up front, but after that, it’s very little work.
“Step one is you’re gonna pick a niche. A niche just means any category of interest. Do you like gardening? Do you like marriage advice? Do you like finance? 
“Then you’re gonna find affiliate offers within that niche.
“Being an affiliate for a company means that you get to promote products on their behalf and you get paid a commission for every single sale you make.
“Then you’re gonna create some sort of free resource, whether it’s an e-book, a guide, a template.
“And then you’re gonna make a landing page, promoting that free resource.
“And here’s when we get into some of the passiveness. Once your landing page is set up, you’re gonna create an automated email sequence.
“What that means is, every single time someone opts into your freebie and they enter in their email address, there’s an automatic trigger that goes off and it’s a series of emails that you’ve created to trigger them.
“So every single day, they get an email from you for seven days, 20 days, three months – however long your email sequence is.
“And then you put affiliate links within those emails that you’re firing off consistently, and every time an email lands in front of one of the people, you have the potential to make commissions.
“But that’s not it, wait, there’s more. How do we get people to these email lists? So glad you asked.
“We’re gonna go to Pinterest and we’re gonna create content about our niche and lead to a call to action that leads them to that landing page.
“Why Pinterest? Glad you asked. It’s a search engine, which means that once you make the content, if it’s search engine optimised, you will get views passively, each and every day, to get passive traffic to your landing page and then you got passive emails going out, so you’re just creating all kinds of passive automated systems.”
The woman’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 1,005 likes, 61 comments, 865 saves and 122 shares. 
Social media users were stunned and were eager to reflect this in the comments.
One person said: “Awesome.”

Another added: “Excited to get started.”
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