How to complete Passive Income in DMZ

In Modern Warfare 2‘s popular DMZ mode, many players are grinding out the newest missions that were added with the game’s fourth season. A majority of the new DMZ missions take place on Vondel, the recently-added map to the game’s battle royale rotation, including a relatively new quest featured by the Phalanx faction called Passive Income. This new mission can only be completed on Vondel. Players will need to load up onto this new locale and prepare for some trekking across the map since this could require a good amount of time to complete in a single session. Passive Income Phalanx DMZ mission walkthrough Receive 10 Signals Intelligence payments From the starting minute onward, players will have to start searching for the new Signals Intelligence contract that can be found across Vondel. They should be marked on your map with a green icon. Once found, players will need to find and hack contract phones marked on the tacmap, which will now be marked with blue icons instead of the typical green. Watch the cash stack high in this mission. (Screenshot via Activision) As you hack these phones, you will gain passive cash while you run around, and after receiving 10 payments, this part of the mission will be complete. You will, however, have to complete one more mission in the same run to finish off the quest successfully. Open three safes in the same deployment While you finish the Signals Intelligence contracts and are collecting passive cash, you’ll also want to hunt down a Destroy Supplies contract to finish the second portion of this mission. Players must open three safes in the same deployment as their Signals Intelligence contracts, making it a bit tough, since teams only have about 25 minutes in a single run before radiation begins to spread from its origin site. Related: Assault on Vondel event in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone: All rewards and challenges Safes will take a couple of minutes to crack open once you find them, so bunker down and arm up with your teammates as enemies descend upon your position. After opening three safes, you should complete the Destroy Supplies contract, while also completing the overarching Passive Income mission for Phalanx. Tips and tricks for Passive Income in DMZ I recommend that players bring munition and armor boxes into their deployment since they’ll be fighting throughout this playthrough for a relatively extended period of time while constantly being on the move. To ensure that you’ll have enough time to finish both contracts, you can limit a detour to an ammo crate by bringing your own supplies. If you are playing with a full team, however, you can time the missions up perfectly by splitting up your squad so two players complete the Destroy Supplies mission while the other wraps up the Signals Intelligence mission. This way, you can use every member of your team to its fullest potential, without having to waste any precious time in your deployment. About the author

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