Grant Horvat’s Net Worth: Earnings & Endorsements

Grant Horvat is a young American golfer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media personality. He’s most recognized for his golf content and collaborations with other golfers like Garret Clark and the Good Good Golf team.
As one of the most popular golfers on YouTube, Grant Horvat must be striking gold, so how much money is he making?
What is Grant Horvat’s net worth? Grant Horvat has an estimated net worth of $2 million. His income mainly comes from YouTube ad revenue, as he has his own channel and also appears on other YouTubers’ channels. On top of that, Horvat has sponsorships, endorsements, and brand partnerships.
Read on to learn more about Grant Horvat and how he became a millionaire at 25 years old.
In this post, we’ll go through the following topics:

Grant Horvat’s net worth and bio
Grant Horvat’s early life
Grant Horvat’s golf career
Grant Horvat’s social media
Grant Horvat’s net worth and career earnings
Grant Horvat’s sponsorships and endorsements

Grant Horvat’s Net Worth in 2023 and Bio

Full name
Stephen Grant Horvat

August 24, 1998

Florida, United States

6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)

170 lbs (77kg)


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Turned professional

Professional wins

PGA tour wins

Major championships

Current world ranking

Net worth
$2 million

Grant Horvat’s Early Life

Grant Horvat was born on August 24, 1998, in Florida. Growing up, Grant was a basketball enthusiast and played only basketball until he was 13.
Even though his father was a pro golfer, Horvat disliked golf until he first tried it at 13. Grant says his dad never pushed him to become a golfer, but he helped him work on his swing, stance, and posture.
Grant lived in Michigan for a few years with his family as his father was a pro player. The family moved to Pennsylvania for three years and then finally to Florida.
Grant wanted to play year-round and try to get into college golf. So he decided to grind and play consistently to get a scholarship and play college golf.
Horvat attended Palm Beach Atlantic University for four years and played in multiple junior tournaments. However, Horvat says he didn’t enjoy competitive golf much and preferred playing casual games with friends.
Grant Got Into YouTube in 2014
A year before his senior year, Grant met Garret Clark, the owner of the gm_golf YouTube channel. The two skilled golfers met at Grant’s college and filmed their first video in Texas.
The video went viral, and Horvat liked the idea of creating golf content since he didn’t want to become a pro golfer.
They made multiple videos together which attracted millions of golf enthusiasts. Garret convinced Horvat to become a full-time content creator, and Horvat agreed and moved to Texas.
Horvat created his own Youtube channel on April 18, 2014. He currently has more than 400K subscribers and more than 37 million total views.
Grant Horvat’s Golf Career

Grant Horvat kickstarted his golf career when he was in High School. He participated in the South Fork competition under his head coach Tony Malizia. After that, Horvat joined the Bulldogs and earned the First-Team All-Area selection in 2015 and 2016.
In 2017 and 2018, Grant played five matches during the first half of the season. He managed to get a shooting average of 78.60 and a low round of 74. After that, he participated in the McDonough Cup in October and tied for 38th.
In his sophomore year, Horvat played nine games for the Sailfish. He had a 74.62 average with a low round of 69, close to his best in the previous season.
The same year, Horvat participated in the SSC Men’s Golf Championships in Viera, Fla, and placed T-14. He also managed to finish T-21 at 3-over-par at the Miami Intercollegiate. Finally, he took part in the McDonough Cup and shot 69 in round two.
In his junior year (2019-2020), Horvat played in seven competitions for the Sailfish, averaging 74.95 with a low round of 68. He also participated in the Griffin Invitational tournament and tied for fifth place.
In 2020-2021, Horvat made his professional debut and took part in three competitions for the Sailfish. That includes Matlock Invitational and the Battle at the Shores, where he finished T-29 and T-28.
Over the years, Grant Horvat has proven that he’s an excellent, skilled, and consistent golfer. However, he said in his videos that he doesn’t want to go pro and prefers to create golf content on YouTube and other social media platforms.
Grant Horvat’s Social Media
Grant Horvat was primarily famous for his collaborations with fellow golfer and social media personality Garret Clark.
Horvat also runs his own YouTube channel under the name Grant Horvat Golf. He has over 389K subscribers, 146 videos, and 37,487,955 views.
Here are the most popular videos on Grant Horvat’s channel:

Most of Grant Horvat’s videos are trick shots, challenges, and golf matches. He also shares some videos about his personal life.
On top of being active on YouTube, Gran Horvat has built a vast audience of golf fans on various social media platforms; let’s break it down into numbers:

Instagram: 384K followers and 120 posts
TikTok: 307.3K followers and over 5.4 million likes

Grant also collaborated with Garret Clark and popular golf influencers like Micah Morris and Matt Scharff to create the Good Good Golf Team.
The team has a collaborative YouTube channel named Good Good, which posts golf-related content such as trick shots, challenges, matches, vlogs, and more. The channel has over 1.23 million subscribers, 361 videos, and 274,522,403 total views.
Grant Horvat’s Net Worth and Career Earnings

As of July 2023, Grant Horvat has an estimated net worth of $2 million. He made his fortune from tournament winnings, a YouTube channel, ads, sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations.
Grant’s net worth is expected to grow as he attracts more golf fans on YouTube and TikTok.
If you want to know how much professional golfers can make, check out our articles about the net worths of Jon Rahm, Harold Varner III, John Daly, and Tony Finau.
Grant Horvat’s Sponsorships and Endorsements
As a popular golf influencer and content creator, Grant has more sources of income besides his YouTube channel. Let’s break down his potential income sources:

YouTube Revenue

Grant Horvat is one of the most famous content creators in the golf community. He’s most famous for his collaborations with Garret Clark, but now he has a YouTube channel with over 389K subscribers.
It’s hard to tell how much Grant Horvat makes from YouTube. That’s because YouTube earnings fluctuate depending on the views, ads, engagement, sponsorships, videos, etc.

Good Good Golf Team

Grant was part of the Good Good Golf alongside Garret Clark, Micah Morris, and Matt Scharff. The group created multiple videos which went viral on YouTube.
Even though Grant is no longer part of the Good Good Golf Team, we think he managed to generate revenue throughout his time with the team.

Affiliate Marketing

Grant earns money from affiliate marketing, which involves sharing referral links for brand products with his followers on social media.
He earns a commission from the brand when someone purchases through those links. Looking at Grant’s Linktree account, he currently shares a referral link for a golf clothing brand named PRIMO.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

The American golf YouTuber earns money through partnerships and sponsorships with various brands in the golf industry. He recently partnered with Mizuno alongside his friend Garret Clark. Mizuno signed the two popular YouTubers as tour players and influencers.
The collaboration is beneficial for both sides. For Grant, he gets to enjoy the high-quality equipment of Mizuno while playing golf. Regarding Mizuno, they expose their brand to a broader range of audiences who watch Grant’s videos.

Draw Meets Fade App

Grant Horvat also generates revenue from his new app, Draw Meets Fade. It’s a golf social networking app that aims to connect golfers across Canada and the USA.
The application is free to download and available on App Store and Google Play.

Is Grant Horvat Part of Good Good?

Grant Horvat was part of the Good Good team until he announced his departure on December 5, 2022, in a YouTube video. He thanked the rest of the team and admitted it was one of his hardest decisions.

Why Is Grant Leaving Good Good?

Grant appeared in a podcast shortly after he departed from the Good Good team. He said he decided to leave as he wanted to focus on his family, YouTube channel, and personal life. He also mentioned that he’s moving back to Florida to spend more time with his father.

What College Did Grant Horvat Go To?

Grant Horvat attended Palm Beach Atlantic University. He graduated in 2021 with a degree in business management.

How Tall Is Grant Horvat?

Grant Horvat’s height is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm).

Was Grant Horvat’s Dad a Pro Golfer?

Yes, Grant Horvat’s dad, Steve Horvat, is a pro golfer and instructor. In his videos, grant always refers to his father as his PGA pro dad.

Final Thoughts
As of June 2023, Grant Horvat’s net worth is around $2 million. Grant’s income comes from various sources such as YouTube, affiliate marketing, collaborations, partnerships, and sponsorships.
The American golf YouTuber is most famous for his appearances with Garret Clark, one of the most popular golf content creators. Their collaboration videos always go viral, and they both contributed to the rise of the Good Good Team.

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