Building On The Global Transformation

By Emmanuel Amogu – Digital Media SpecialistDo we really understand the actual phrase of – “Going Digital”If you look back two decades from today, you will understand how digital innovation has transformed the way we do things from a personal to an organizational perspective.What do we understand by Digital Transformation?In a simple way, let’s put it as the integration of various digital technologies into various areas of a person or organization’s operational framework.It encompasses all areas of adopting digital tools, and processes in a bid to amplify results, enhance customer experience, and boost creativity with collaborative work.Did you Know: Digital Natives are people or organizations who grew up with the presence or rise of digital tech and information?These set of people, simply grew with the existing innovation, while others had to adapt to Digital tech. They are more at home with digital interaction (Say Millenials & Gen Z’s). Hypothetically, you fall into this category.According to Statista, as of April 2023, there were 5.18 billion internet users worldwide, which amounted to 64.6 percent of the global population.These numbers will only continue to increase exponentially as the new generations continue to be overly engrossed with digital innovation and tools.The transition from Analogue to digital methodologies is one of the greatest and very significant paradigm shifts our universe has experienced by the books.My insight is based on understanding the basics and leveraging the potential of Digital technologies.Digital embodies the core of :Data: It birthed new ways of collecting data, analysing data and even interacting with data to derive insights. Data and Information are the core of the digital Experience.Technology: Looking at how innovative digital and emerging tech have impacted the way we work and amplifying the results we get over time. For me, technology should be built around solving problems and connecting people. So, have digital technologies solved problems or connected people? We cannot disagree.Digital technologies have impacted key thriving areas like:Data and AnalyticsE-commerceSocial Media/Branding /NetworkingCyber SecurityAI and Work AutomationThe ways of doing things (work): The approach to work has drastically evolved in every industry. Basically, every factor of work requires technology to meet a global standard of work.There is a big drive for creativity and design thinking in workplaces today.Organizations are building global teams who work in real-time and even simultaneously on the same task without restrictions.This is the initiating point for remote jobs. People work anywhere, anytime, and are even more productive than ever.But how is everyone adapting and leveraging these innovations?Needless to say, we live in a skilled era. We could recall that not knowing how to operate computers cost people their jobs in the early days.Soft skills or otherwise, you actually have to be intentional about going digital. It starts with getting into the mix, deciding what skills are needed and how they will impact your professional growth.Summarily, going digital should mean impacting our Personal and Professional lives with innovative Tech. It entails working together and providing solutions to problems.We have gone from just a global village to a global workspace.What are your thoughts about going digital?Don’t miss important articles during the week. Subscribe to weekly digest for updates

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